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Surviving Delta Force Selection and Assessment: Part 1

I was stationed in Key West, Florida, at the U.S. Army Special Forces Combat Diver Academy as a SCUBA instructor. I had intentionally sought out that assignment to avoid a mandatory levy into the Special Warfare Center (SWC)—duty that all Green Berets inevitably faced in their careers at some point. Rather than get stuck in […]

To Hell and back: The 2019 Marine Raider Competition

On June 12, Marines from across the Marine Corps’ special operations units gathered in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, to participate in the 2019 Marine Raider Competition. Six teams, each comprised of six spec ops Marines, competed for the glory of being awarded the title of best Marine Raider. The six teams hailed from the 1st […]

Op-Ed: Say it ain’t so, Joe—the Army unveils another unnecessary badge

On Friday, June 14—coincidentally the Army’s 224th birthday—the Army unveiled its newest and most unnecessary badge: the Expert Soldier Badge. If you read this and are rolling your eyes, trust me, you are not alone. According to a press release, the Expert Soldier Badge will recognize those individuals who demonstrate a mastery of physical fitness, […]

SEAL teams to get new clandestine underwater craft

As the Pentagon shifts its gaze from low-intensity conflicts to nation-level adversaries, the Special Operations Command (SOCOM) is following suit, and the Navy SEAL teams are eager to prove their strategic utility in the rediscovered domain. SOCOM and the Naval Special Warfare Command (NSWC) are focusing their efforts on two underwater craft: a Shallow Water […]

Spot X 2-way Satellite Messenger: Peace of mind in the backcountry

Anytime you travel to remote areas, communication is often compromised. It’s a concern I have wherever I may be. As a former Ranger, communication was paramount for a successful mission. Nothing has changed since those days except the technology. Even with modern smart phones, travel to countries with a limited network will render them useless. […]

Skyroam: Global WiFi at your fingertips

The ability to have comms and navigation when traveling is critical these days. On a trip to Europe, I used my cell phone and just added on an international plan while overseas. Although that temporary data plan only cost me an additional $10 a day, I still went over my monthly data limit and got […]

Proper hydration during selection is vital to success

We are always preaching about staying hydrated during the Selection course as well as in your preparation train up beforehand. And practicing proper hydration has to be practiced during the Selection course, regardless of the season or you will most assuredly fail. The military is unlike almost every other profession because we work outside, regardless […]