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Mossberg 930 Tactical – Affordable Semi-Auto Awesomeness

Semi-auto shotguns have come a long way in the last 20 years. Back in the day, semi-auto shotguns were rarely kept around for tactical purposes. If they were, then the roll mark said Benelli, and they cost an arm and a leg. These days things are changing. Semi-auto shotgun reliability has increased tenfold, and guns […]

Saiga 12: The Russian 12-Gauge Man Stopper

The AK platform isn’t the most modular of designs, but it’s seemingly adaptable for many tasks. Need a light machine gun? Well, the RPK has you covered. Need a sniper rifle? Well, the PSL has you covered. Need a shotgun? Well, the Saiga 12 has you covered. Kalashnikov’s favorite platform can be seemingly adapted into […]

The Tristar folding shotgun is ready for your wilderness adventures

The Tristar folding shotgun is ready for your wilderness adventures

The need for a lightweight, easily portable, but powerful weapon is one outdoors folk regularly have. Be it camping, hunting, or just a bit of adventuring anytime you step outside of civilization you should want a weapon that can bring you back. This Tristar folding shotgun fits the bill for me, and I was pleasantly surprised […]

Top 5 Combat shotguns

Top 5 combat shotguns

Shotguns.  While the ol’ scattergun doesn’t see such widespread use in the tactical fields as it used to, there is no doubt that a shotgun still makes an almighty mess of things at close range.  This is why shotguns (and their wielders) were such a despised enemy on the fields of WW1 and WW2.  American […]

Shotgun Loadout

My 5.11 Shotgun Loadout

It’s not a big surprise that I love shotguns right? Well, 5.11 has helped me out with an awesome Shotgun Loadout for my All Missions Plate Carrier. It’s one of the two loadouts I run on my AMP and I have been training hard over the last week with it. Learning how to use both […]

The Remington TAC 14 Hardwood: Old School Cool

I love shotguns, and more importantly, I love shotguns with wood furniture. Also, let’s make them really short and use an odd definition to ensure they are not NFA regulated items. Thanks. That incredibly picky request has now been made a reality with the TAC 14 Hardwood model from Remington. The TAC 14 is Remington’s […]

Quick Look: TriStar Compact bullpup shotgun

Quick Look: TriStar Compact bullpup shotgun

It seems like every couple of years, a new bullpup rifle or shotgun hits the market and threatens once again, to make bullpups hit the mainstream vein of the US market.  While the likes of the IWI Tavor, the UTAS-15 and the legendary Steyr Aug have picked up a number of fans, these designs have […]

The Magpul SGA Stock and Pump – Long Term Review

My Remington 870 Wingmaster has seen a lot of abuse. It’s an older shotgun with a lot of character if you will. I never felt updating this little gun from the standard Remington polymer stock and the pump was necessary, but I was curious about Magpul made shotgun gear and the Magpul SGA series of […]

The VR80: A modern AR-Patterned Box-Fed Shotgun

The VR80: A modern AR-Patterned Box-Fed Shotgun

Armscor – Rock Island Armory has introduced the modernized version of the VR60 with the new VR80.  The new VR80 is an AR-styled 12 gauge. A  magazine fed beast that looks beautiful right out of the box but was made to be customizable – just like your favorite AR15, the VR80 is sure to please […]

Remington Introduces a folding stock 870

Remington Introduces a folding stock 870

The Remington 870 shotgun needs no introduction. As a shotgun, it has served generation after generations of police officers, home defenders, and hunters. The gun itself has seen tons of different incarnations. It has been used in just about every role a shotgun can be used for. Remington has been updating the platform year after […]