The Top 5 Best Rifle Scopes As Chosen By Warfighters

We live in a world where rifle scopes are aplenty. You can’t turn over a rock without finding some new type of optic. With so many out there, how can you choose the best? Well, why don’t we look at what the elite warfighters around the world choose? That’s precisely what we’ve done. Here are […]

Top Ten Concealed Carry Holsters - Peep The Best

Concealed carry allows the everyday Joe and Jane the means to pack a firearm for self-defense. One of the most important considerations to concealed carry in your holster. Your holster selection plays a bigger role than you might know. Holsters are responsible for helping keep the firearm concealed, keeping it safe, and ensuring you can […]

Think Like a Green Beret | The PACE Plan

PACE describes a methodology originally used to build a communication plan. For an ODA in a denied area, communication is the only way to get resupplied, and most importantly, extracted. The loss of all communications normally initiates the escape-and-evasion plan. The no-comms plan universally sucks, and almost always means abandonment of the mission and unsupported escape […]

Watch: Halle Berry and Keanu Reeves used live rounds to train for John Wick 3

Over the weekend, “John Wick: Chapter 3” captured the top box office spot away from Marvel’s Avengers, continuing on the success of the first two films and helping to solidify my personal claims that John Wick is America’s long-awaited answer to the most famous assassin from across the pond, James Bond. And as though the […]