The M4A1 and CQBR/Mk 18 5.56x45mm

In this article, first, I want to talk to you about the M4A1 and what makes it our bread and butter choice across special operations teams. I will discuss the good and the bad, and why I think it’s here to stay. Without a doubt, the M4 platform has been a success with a proven […]

Glock 19 Gen 5: A Little Bit More Perfection

“Glock Perfection®” has been the company’s tagline for many years. When Glock released its fifth-generation pistols a couple of years ago, many people asked why. With Generation 5, Glock has made things just a little bit more perfect. That is kind of an oxymoron, though. I mean, if it’s perfect, can it become more perfect? […]

Spiritus Systems LV-119 Plate Carrier: One of the Best Options on the Market

Following 9/11, body armor made a comeback. Even with the trade-off of added weight, many lives in the Global War on Terror were saved by body armor. I have tried out many types of load-bearing equipment (LBE), load-bearing vests (LBV), and plate carriers over the years. Yet, it’s refreshing to come across gear that has […]

Watch: Halle Berry and Keanu Reeves used live rounds to train for John Wick 3

Over the weekend, “John Wick: Chapter 3” captured the top box office spot away from Marvel’s Avengers, continuing on the success of the first two films and helping to solidify my personal claims that John Wick is America’s long-awaited answer to the most famous assassin from across the pond, James Bond. And as though the […]