The 6 Best Tactical Tomahawks on the Market

Tomahawks rule and always have. In 2021 you’d think we’d found a tool worthy of replacing them, but yet the tomahawk persists. It’s tough to find a more versatile and lightweight tool to hang off your belt. With that in my mind, I’ve gathered what I think are the six best tactical tomahawks. I’ve included […]

The MG34 and MG42 - How The General Purpose Machine Gun Was Born

World War II changed the world of small arms. The great display of infantry and armored power reformed warfighting doctrine and still affects modern warfighting. I’m not a tactics expert, but I appreciate machine guns, and World War II changed how machine guns would be used. During World War II, the Germans built their infantry […]

The American Mosin Nagant, the Polar Bears, and Winter in Russia

World War I seemingly caught everyone by surprise. No one seemed to have enough rifles when the war came knocking. Prior to the United States’ entry into the war, America was producing rifles for the British and then took a contract from Imperial Russia. Remington Arms and New England Westinghouse accepted the contracts to produce […]

The Kriss Vector - Too Little Too Late for This Space Age SMG?

Most weapons slowly advance and improve over time. We didn’t get assault rifles overnight, after all. One genre of gun that defies this general rule of thumb is the submachine gun (SMG). The SMG advances in giant leaps, or not at all. Maybe because it’s a niche category, or because pistol-caliber weapons are limited. Regardless, […]