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Electronics & Technology

The Brinyte PT28 Oathkeeper. A Superb Self-Defense Tac-Light

The PT28 Oathkeeper Is A Military-Law Enforcement Tool With Personal Self Defense Uses It always pays to reserve judgment on things until you have all the facts.  When a representative at Brinyte reached out and asked us to look at a flashlight they were offering I confess I wasn’t too excited about it.  I mean, […]

myCharge Adventure Series Portable Charger | Quick Look

myCharge Adventure Series Portable Charger

Technology can be both good as well as bad. Everywhere you look, people are walking with their face buried in their smartphones. Believe me, I have two teenage boys and it frustrates me how attached they are to this technology. Many times I’ve lost comms with my 14 year old because of a dead phone […]

Midland Weather Radio: Just in Time for Storm Season

Midland Weather Radio: Staying ahead of storm season

The month of September is National Preparedness month and right on cue Hurricane Dorian has decided to pummel the Atlantic Coast. This wakeup call from mother nature has grabbed people attention on the local and national news media. This series of events shows us in real time the value of preparedness and having the correct […]

Midland radio

Overland Essential | Midland Radio MXT275 | GXT1000

I’m starting to consider myself an Overlander now, but I’ve only been at it for a couple of years. Still a green horn by all accounts and measurements. So I constantly refine my personal equipment, vehicle and loadout after each trip. It’s the only way to get better. Figure out what worked, what didn’t, and […]

Watch: This is what full-color night vision looks like

Watch: This is what full-color night vision looks like

There is no question that night vision technology has revolutionized the way wars are fought, particularly among America’s special operations community. That said, anyone who’s been stuck wearing the sort of night vision goggles (NVGs) that find their way into the hands of conventional forces can attest that television rarely provides an accurate portrayal of how tough […]

Hitcase | The ultimate protection for your phone

Hitcase | The Ultimate Protection for your Phone

In a world where phone cases are quickly running out of steam and the market is demanding more protection with a smaller profile, it’s tough to find the case that doesn’t render your phone a brick. You frequently see a slim iPhone X in the most ungodly of cases from manufacturers like OtterBox and LifeProof. […]

Spot X

Spot X 2-way Satellite Messenger: Peace of mind in the backcountry

Anytime you travel to remote areas, communication is often compromised. It’s a concern I have wherever I may be. As a former Ranger, communication was paramount for a successful mission. Nothing has changed since those days except the technology. Even with modern smart phones, travel to countries with a limited network will render them useless. […]

It’s Tesla versus China in the new era of electric vehicles

It’s Tesla versus China in the new era of electric vehicles

The Tesla Roadster, the world’s first highway-capable all-electric car available in the United States, is displayed on its production debut in the Tesla Flagship Store on May 1, 2008 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by Vince Bucci/Getty Images) Do you subscribe to the notion that the internal combustion engine/fossil fuel will soon be replaced as the […]

Photo of the day: Changing the way you hear music

Photo of the day: Changing the way you hear music

The time came for me to look for another option outside of the standard Apple earbuds. One of my close friends was the co-founder of LifeProof phone cases and is more pretentious about his audio than anyone I knew. So when we sat down for lunch and I asked him what model he was using, he very […]