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Vehicle Preparedness: Fast access to essential items | Grey Man Tactical RIP-M

In the quest to outfit my Toyota Tundra for Overland use, countless hours have been spent scouring the interwebz for specific products. Watching reviews (yes,  we watch others review products as well) to figure out what works and what doesn’t. The Rigid Insert Panel MOLLE (RIP-M) from Grey Man Tactical is the result of both […]

Midland radio

Overland Essential | Midland Radio MXT275 | GXT1000

I’m starting to consider myself an Overlander now, but I’ve only been at it for a couple of years. Still a green horn by all accounts and measurements. So I constantly refine my personal equipment, vehicle and loadout after each trip. It’s the only way to get better. Figure out what worked, what didn’t, and […]

Scrubba Washbag: Keep your clothes clean in the field

Scrubba Washbag: Keep your clothes clean in the field

The Scrubba Tactical Washbag is a nice little design intending to keep your bags a little lighter by offering you the option of cleaning clothes easily and effectively.  While I posted my initial impressions here, I’ve now had the opportunity to air my dirty laundry a bit. To recap, the Scrubba is a polyether bag with […]

Yorktown Tool Roll

Overland Essential: Atlas 46 Yorktown Tool Roll

One of the essential items I’ve found while traveling Overland is a good set of tools. If you plan to take to the hills for an extended period of time and put your rig to the test, things can break. And they do. Being stranded in the middle of nowhere without the means to patch […]

Rad on Gear: The need to feed with Clif Bars

In this episode of Rad on Gear, Rad’s out on the slopes and in need of a quick pick-me-up. It’s not just about worst-case scenario survival when it comes to packing grub with you gear, it’s also about maintaining your energy levels while you’re out having a good time. What’s Rad keep in his pack […]

YETI Presents | Hungry Life: Lanai

YETI Presents | Hungry Life: Lanai

In Hawaii, Eduardo Garcia is joined by his landscape “interpreters” and pros each in their own right, Shane Dorian and Mark Healey. Here they show Eduardo Garcia how to traverse the terrain in pursuit of Axis deer, then head to the water to override the body’s over-protective instinct to breathe while spear fishing. What results […]

Planning a Trip? Security Tips for Traveling Abroad

Planning a Trip? Security Tips for Traveling Abroad

Traveling abroad can be an exceptionally stressful adventure, especially when you consider your additional requirements if traveling on the job, particularly with clients. Below are some helpful tips for increasing overall security as well as convenience that should make your travel plans more enjoyable and more secure. Sign your passport, and fill in the emergency information: […]