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Gentleman Drinks

The Stanley Master Flask: A bold flask for bold adventures

The Stanley Master Flask: A bold flask for bold adventures

Ever buy yourself a fancy flask only to immediately regret your decision when it leaked all over? Well, the new Stanley Master Flask lives up to its name and doesn’t disappoint. The Master Flask is one of the most robust flasks available on the market. It is capable of being a worthy companion and accompanying you on […]

Groomsmen Central: Drinkware for the distinguished gentleman

Nothing beats a classic cocktail or craft beer while shootin-the-shit with your buddies. Especially after a day at the range or an epic hike. And there’s no better way to enjoy that drink than with a custom Six Shooter Whiskey Glass from Bullets2Bandages. This San Diego based Veteran owned business has been cranking out some […]

Fortaleza Tequila | For the traveled gentleman

Depending on your geographical location in the United States or even the world for that matter, the near mention of Tequila usually causes at least a few people to shudder. They’re instantly reminded of “That one night in Cabo”, or even just a night in the dorms during college that got a little out of […]

Hendrick’s Gin and Tonic | My go to summer drink

The dog days of summer. My favorite time of year in Northern Michigan. Surrounded by crystal clear glacial lakes, golf courses, vast forests and 10pm sunsets. I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty hard to beat. The winters, however, are a completely different story and I don’t want to get into that now. As the […]

Be a Classy Gunslinger

Crown Royal | Be a Classy Gunslinger

Ever since I was old enough to drink, and maybe a little before, my number in choice has been Crown Royal. My dad drinks it, I drink it, my whole family drinks it. Crown Royal is a quality Canadian whiskey, but we won’t hold that against them. Every bar I go to, in every country […]