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5 Ways to Up Your Prepping Game

If you’ve been prepping for a little while, you’ve probably got the basics covered.  You have a bug-out bag, a decent stash of MRE’s or #10 cans of freeze-dried food and a plan to keep it all secure once you’re hunkered down.  What’s next?  Besides piling up more supplies, what else can you do to […]

Marine Corps Jungle Warfare Gear

The Marine Corps Jungle Warfare Training Center in Okinawa Japan had to be one of my favorite deployments. Learning how to operate and survive in a jungle environment is vastly different than a desert or woodland environment. There are also threats native to the jungle that you must be aware of. I remember attending a […]

Rucking For a Cause on Veterans Day

Yesterday in a post we spoke about giving back to our people and community by getting involved in many of our Veterans Day events locally. Here is a way everyone regardless of whether they served or not can give to some great and needy veterans organizations. While searching for local events on Veterans Day, I […]

Garmin Tactix Charlie | One watch to rule them all

As the capabilities of our armed forces expand at an individual level to include responsibilities and abilities never before imagined, so too the requisite number of tools has expanded greatly.  Much like smartphones cramming as many features as possible into a pocket-sized computer, the Garmin Tactix Charlie is a superwatch that combines the traits and […]

Remember Rucking is a Marathon and Not a Sprint

As we frequently do here at SpecialOperations.com, we post pieces on what many times are based on our messages or messages on Twitter. And this week I’ve gotten a few messages and questions concerning rucking. And when it comes to rucking, we get about 50/50 with our messages and/or questions regarding that or Land Navigation. And […]

Combat Survival and RECCE Chest Rig Setup

I’m not a fan of having equipment on my belt line. It impedes movement, gets in the way during awkward shooting positions or when getting into observation spots. As a SERE instructor for the military I have quite a bit of minimal gear that I need to carry in order to fulfill my job effectively. […]