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Awesome Machine Guns in The US Army History

Machine guns changed the face of warfare. They industrialized the way wars were fought. They were among the most used weapons during World War I and World War II. With dozens of designs and variations that the US had made, safe to say that the United States was a fan. Here are some of the […]

Why You Need Condoms In Your Survival Kit

Since it was invented in the 1800s, condoms have been used for many centuries, both as birth control and prophylactic. In the army, a condom is also considered one of the items in a survival kit. It was a standard issue to all members of the U.S. military since the 1930s as protection against sexually […]

The Puckle Gun: For Shooting Square Bullets Into Non-Christians?

We know that most bullets are round or spherical, and they are designed so for a reason— they are one of the most efficient shapes that allow the use of heavier bullets without taking up a lot of space in the weapon. In 1718, one person thought out of the box and decided to invent […]

M-72 Light Anti-tank Weapon Was A Blast To Fire

Believe me when I say you’ve seen an M72, and you’re not even aware of it. I’m talking about all the war-themed films you’ve seen, or if you’ve been part of the service, you’d know I’m talking about the shoulder-fired, man-portable, light mini-rocket-looking weapon. Let’s take a moment to admire this cool weapon from the […]

A Body Armor Made From Spider Silk? Yes!

Have you ever dreamt of being Spiderman? Now you can, but not in a way that you imagined. Kraig Biocraft Laboratories designed a body armor made of spider silk, and here’s what you need to know about it. Dragon Silk No, it’s not silk harvested from dragons, although getting one sure would be awesome. One […]

Every Drop Counts: Dew Water for Survival and Saving Communities

Resiliency is part of our DNA as humankind. Our ancestors had passed on great genes that allowed us to evade the risk of extinction. Our innate resourcefulness has saved us time and again. This trait is more likely to be highlighted in times of crisis and when we’re stuck in situations that call for great […]

You’d Want to Stick Around With Sticky Bomb

Wars bring out the best and worst of people; that’s what Major Richard Winters of Easy Company said. Another thing that war brings out is humanity’s creativity that was sadly used to destroy and kill each other. One proof of this was how people came up with different designs and structures of our weaponry— different […]

MOPP Gear is Proving That Not All Heroes Wear Capes

To never go to war unarmed is a no-brainer. But not every defensive measure available to the U.S. Armed Forces is a weapon.  In making every effort to keep our men safe and protected from any chemical, biological, radiological, and even nuclear attack, the Mission Oriented Protective Posture (MOPP) gear is offered. This is a […]

You Can Get These Flashbang Grenades (100% Legally!)

Let’s keep the record straight once and for all: Flashbangs are produced for military and law enforcement purposes, and civilians are therefore not allowed to own one in the United States without a special license. Too bad because they’re pretty cool with their disorienting effects on enemies— temporary blindness and deafness. What if I tell […]

Five of the most Fearsome Weapons of War Ever Devised By Man

Anything that’s made to kill another human is to be feared. But not all weapons of war are created equal not feared equally. Some of them were not only designed to merely end lives but to inflict suffering that would make it look like death is the better option.  Weapons also have a psychological effect […]