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The Streamlight Sidewinder – Adventure Ready Illumination

If you are looking for an extremely high-powered light with 50K candela and 1,500 lumens, then this ain’t it chief. The Streamlight Sidewinder isn’t your typical tactical light. It’s designed for more tame tasks than searching for bad guys in the dark. The Sidewinder fulfills the role of being a bit of admin light, a […]

PACE Lid Constellation Kit: A compact urban survival kit

I did a previous article on the new GORUCK Constellation Urban Survival and Navigation course. The owner of PACE Lid is also heavily involved with GORUCK and decided to come up with a kit that could be used for the course utilizing his PACE Lid product. From the PACE Lid website: GORUCK Constellation is an Urban survival […]

How to determine how long you have before the sun sets

Many skills when it comes to the outdoors are perishable. If you don’t practice those skills or use them regularly, you’ll lose your edge and that could cost your life depending on the situation. One of those simple skills is knowing how much daylight you have left before the sun sets. Nowadays we have technology […]

The Garmin Foretrex 401 Wrist Mounted GPS

There are quite a few GPS devices out there and several companies who make good ones. However good is subjective and dependent upon what you need it for. When it comes to a GPS unit I need something that is lightweight. More so than that I need something that conserves battery power and can give […]

Stories from Delta Force Selection: When not to dance

se·lect /səˈlekt/ verb 1.
carefully choose as being the best or most suitable: “he has been selected to take part” Every one of us inherently wants to be selected. “Oh…PICK ME, PICK ME!” We bustled on the school playground forming up for games. Doesn’t it seem like you can hardly just go participate in a thing […]

WATCH: How to pass Special Forces Assessment and Selection

The journey to becoming a Special Forces soldier won’t be easy. Special Forces training is rigorous and highly selective, but the courage and strength you will gain as a candidate will stay with you your entire life. In addition to Basic Combat Training, soldiers must have completed Advanced Individual Training and U.S. Army Airborne School […]