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Sling Weaponry was the Personal Artillery of Ancient Warfare

In today’s warfare, no one would really bring a slingshot during the war, at least not that we are aware of. During ancient times, this weapon was widely used by many ancient armies. Its invention revolutionized how the military from all over the globe fought. Even when it is now crude in today’s standard, it […]

From Fighter Planes to Micro Cars, Messerschmitt in the Post War Era

“Improvise, adapt, overcome” was the unofficial slogan of the US Army Marines, but this could virtually be applied in any sort of situation. So when Germany’s Messerschmitt, the leading aircraft manufacturer during World War II, was banned from producing planes for ten years, they overcame the business circumstances by creating a new product. That’s how […]

M50 Ontos: Hated by The Army, Loved by the Marines

When the United States needed an air-transportable tank destroyer in the early 1950s, something that they had been searching for during World War II, a joint effort of the US Army and US Marines brought them to what was called the M50 Ontos. The small, compact, yet powerful enough vehicle was light enough to be […]

Strange Tanks That Never Made It Past The Prototype Stage

The journey and evolution of tanks went a long way since the first one was created in 1916, known as Little Willie. Since then, designers and engineers have never stopped trying to make these trusty tanks tougher, bigger, faster, and basically more superior than the previous ones. In the conquest of trying to create the […]

Did You Know Sunglasses Have Been Around Since the Roman Empire?

Who doesn’t love a pair of tinted sunglasses that would complete your beach summer look? Not only would they protect your eyes from the glares of the sun, but they would also make you look cool and trendy. In fact, they have now been considered a fashion staple, but before they turned into that, sunglasses […]

Every Drop Counts: Dew Water for Survival and Saving Communities

Resiliency is part of our DNA as humankind. Our ancestors had passed on great genes that allowed us to evade the risk of extinction. Our innate resourcefulness has saved us time and again. This trait is more likely to be highlighted in times of crisis and when we’re stuck in situations that call for great […]