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Marines to test new fast-drying tropical uniforms, boots in the Pacific

Marines to test new fast-drying tropical uniforms, boots in the Pacific

Marines in Japan will put new tropical uniforms and boots through the rigors this summer as they trudge through double-canopy jungles and murky waterways in peak humidity. As Marines’ deployments to tropical locales heat up, the Corps is on the hunt for lightweight, breathable boots and utes that dry quickly in rainy, humid climates. About 400 leathernecks from […]

Dallas Shooter Attended Tactical Self Defense Course

Dallas Shooter Attended Tactical Self Defense Course

Reports are still coming out about the shooters weapons, his weapons cache that was discovered, and now the training he has had. Obviously when a tragedy such as this one happens the suspects life gets turned inside out and the public is overwhelmed with information whether it’s accurate or not. It is being reported that […]

SEAL Team 6: A Secret History of Quiet Killings and Blurred Lines

SEAL Team 6: A Secret History of Quiet Killings and Blurred Lines

They have plotted deadly missions from secret bases in the badlands of Somalia. In Afghanistan, they have engaged in combat so intimate that they have emerged soaked in blood that was not their own. On clandestine raids in the dead of the night, their weapons of choice have ranged from customized carbines to primeval tomahawks. […]

Grey Ghost Precision Announces Three New Brand Ambassadors

Grey Ghost Precision is proud to announce three new Brand Ambassadors to showcase their products throughout the United States: Nick Koumalatsos, Jim Staley and Will Petty. Each of these men brings a wealth of expertise and knowledge with regard to firearms and training. They embody the values and spirit of Grey Ghost, are dedicating to […]

Self Awareness, Self Defense: The Role of Mindset in CCW

While we’re a community devoted to the self-defense aspects of concealed carry, let’s not forget one thing: shooting is fun. Even training for self-defense or tactical shooting can be enjoyable: a day at the range getting some exercise and honing your skills is a good thing, and watching yourself improve can be a source of […]

Daytona Beach police host active shooter training

In the aftermath of the Orlando nightclub shooting, police in Daytona Beach are hosting an active shooter workshop for citizens. Police are expecting a large turnout as more and more people worry about their safety in public places. The event will not be the first active shooter training police have held for citizens. More training […]

Terror Threat: You need to be Prepared because the Government has Proven they are Not

Information is slowly leaking out in relation to the Orlando, Florida terror attack and the total failure of our government’s anti-terrorism agencies has become appallingly apparent. While the Mainstream media is working hard to convince you this was an act of a “lone wolf” – with some going so far as to delusionally trying to […]

Intense Arizona heatwave responsible for at least 4 deaths over weekend

At least four deaths have been attributed to the sweltering heat that has plagued Arizona this weekend. The Arizona Republic reported that four hikers collapsed and died on trails across the state. One hiker died in the Phoenix Mountain Preserve, another died on the Peralta Trail in the Superstition Mountains, a third near Finger Canyon […]

Lost hiker’s message: Please call husband when my body is found

Geraldine Largay knew she was so very lost that the chances of her making it out of the thick Maine woods were gone. She had been writing in her journal every day and one of her final entries showed she was resigned to her fate. “When you find my body please call my husband George […]