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LBT Security Force Assistance Teams (SFAT’s)

Our friends at London Bridge Trading company are hitting it hard this week. In addition to their partnership with the Medal of Honor brand, they are rocking it again with a “spot on” selection of deployment gear for SFATs. The SFAT catalog is up on their website under downloads but you can download the catalog. […]


LBT partners up with MOH: A Good Match

If you don’t know who London Bridge Trading Company (LBT) is then you need to learn real quick.  These guys have been making hardcore legit gear for a variety of units we can’t disclose (you can figure it out). I spoke with the guys at SHOT show this year and they were excited to be […]

AFSOC Looking for Some new Wheels

AFSOC is looking for some new wheels

The Air Force is looking for a new Guardian Angel Air-Deployable Rescue Vehicle for the Guardian Angle Weapon System (GAWS is made up of the Combat Rescue Officer (CRO), Pararescue (PJ), and SERE careerfields). The proposed vehicle, which will replace among other things the ATVs AFSOC PJs and other personnel are currently using, must be […]