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The Rush24 2.0 From 5.11 Tactical

The 5.11 Rush series have been around for almost 15 years now. This year we see the first update in the form of the Rush 2.0 series. We got our greedy mitts on the Rush24 2.0 and have been putting it through its paces. What’s New With The Rush24 2.0 First, they added a concealed […]

Legend All-Weather Compression Socks

Socks are something I never thought about when addressing tactical gear. Not until my first deployment and I realized how valuable good socks are. I got my hands on the Legend All-Weather Compression socks and have put some miles on them. Proper socks are so damn important. I deployed with the bargain bin socks the […]

The Ek Model 4 – A Killer Commando Knife

KA-BAR’s legend needs no introduction here. They’ve been producing finely made fighting, utility, and pocket knives for Marines, Soldiers, and Sailors since World War 2. KA-BAR teamed up with Ek Knives to bring back the classic EK Model 4 commando knife for the modern market. John Ek produced these knives during the height of World […]

The Liberator 2.0 By Safariland – Hear the Difference

Protecting your ears from loud noises, like you know gunfire, is pretty dang critical. I say this as a person with tinnitus because the younger version of me was headstrong and thought an M240 would never bother my ears. These days I’m older and wiser and armed with gear like the new Safariland Liberator 2.0 […]

Blue Force Gear Triple Mag Pouch | A combat proven mag pouch

Blue Force Gear Triple Mag Pouch | A combat proven mag pouch

In today’s market, there is a myriad of mag pouches to choose from. They range from low-profile to very secure. Its a rarity to have a piece of kit that can do both without compromising the other. In my opinion, the Blue Force Gear Triple Mag Pouch is the way forward. They provide a solid grip on the magazine […]

Last minute vehicle shake down before an Epic Overland Adventure

Although I’ve been planning a long range Overland trip from my home in Northern Michigan to Colorado and Utah for some time now, the date has finally arrived. And it kinda snuck up on my in all honesty. I know that doesn’t make much sense but with all the prep to the vehicle and gear […]

Click here to win this MyMedic RangeMedic Kit that’s worth $150!

Chances are, you clicked this link because you could use a good quality medical kit (or just like free stuff). In either case, you’re in the right place. MyMedic assembled their RangeMedic kits by compiling injury data associated with hunting accidents, shooting ranges, and direct testimonials provided by military and law enforcement professionals. What they […]

Ranger regiment testing new rucksacks for Airborne Operations

The 75th Ranger Regiment is working with the U.S. Army Operational Test Command’s (OTC) Airborne and Special Operations Test Directorate (ABNSOTD) based at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, to put some new rucksacks through their paces during airborne operations. The Rangers are testing out three different rucksacks that are produced by Mystery Ranch Mountain Backpacks, a […]

The RifleMug is an Army Ranger’s solution to your boring coffee cup

Here at the Loadout Room, we tend not to throw our hats into the Kickstarter ring all that often. It’s not that we aren’t a fan of crowd funding projects, it’s that we review gear — and most Kickstarters don’t have stuff for us to smash up on camera behind the office (what we call […]