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Good Things Can Come in Small Packages: Buy This Daypack in the SOFREP Store

They say that good things come in small packages and I think that is certainly the case with the Military 3P Tactical 25L Backpack available in the SOFREP store. The “25L” in the description refers to a 25-liter capacity volume.   Military 3P Tactical Backpack Features MOLLE SYSTEM: Molle webbing system is ideal for attaching […]

G-Code Holsters: Innovation, Quality, and Adaptability

Everyone knows that one of the most important requirements for being Tactical™ or an Operator™ is being Tacti-cool. Getting that “Gucci” gear and trying to look bad-ass at the same time, however, can add up fast and get really expensive. Fortunately, the tactical world has G-Code Holsters who make great gear at really decent prices. […]

FN 509 Wins LAPD Service-Pistol Contest

One of the best things to happen to the pistol and firearms community was the U.S. Army’s XM17 Modular Handgun System (MHS) competition. The Army announced the competition in 2015 and in January 2017 crowned Sig Sauer P320’s as the winner. Most know that Glock offered the Glock 19x but might not know that Beretta, […]

The 6 Best Tactical Tomahawks on the Market

Tomahawks rule and always have. In 2021 you’d think we’d found a tool worthy of replacing them, but yet the tomahawk persists. It’s tough to find a more versatile and lightweight tool to hang off your belt. With that in my mind, I’ve gathered what I think are the six best tactical tomahawks. I’ve included […]

The Double-Barreled Pistol: A Gimmick or a Must-Have? A Navy SEAL Explains

This article will contain strong opinions held loosely. First, to save yourself some reading the short answer in today’s world of modern firearms is, wait for it… The double-barreled pistol is a gimmick. Don’t waste your money on something that is the equivalent of Dogecoin. There are plenty of great firearms to light money on […]

The White Phosphorus Grenade – The Mozart of Incendiaries

Your ex-spouse, that crummy boss, the loud neighbor who leaves his trash can out too long, or the friend who slept with your girl… there aren’t too many problems that can’t be solved with the proper application of high explosives! Or with a white phosphorus grenade. The often-overlooked stepchild of boom balls is the white […]

The Gerber MK II – A Historic Fighting Knife

Fighting knives are the best knives. Well, they are at least the most fascinating knives one can get their hands on. In America, the design of fixed-blade fighting knives has changed over time based on contemporary tactics and trends, and the wars being fought. The Gerber MK II is a product of its time, but […]

Father’s Day 2021 – Pike’s Picks For Dads.

Father’s Day is right around the corner, and if you lack ideas, then you’ve come to the right place. As a man who understands men, I’m here to help you pick out a few good gifts for dad. Dads are famously hard to shop for, so I’ve got six kick-ass gifts for you to make […]

The Nitecore P20i – A Pumped Up Flashlight

Need a powerful light that doesn’t cost a small fortune? Well, then Nitecore might be for you. Nitecore makes a wide variety of lights, batteries, and chargers. People like Cloud Defensive use Nitecore chargers with their products for a reason. Nitecore was kind enough to send me the P20i for test and review, and I’ve […]

Top Ten Concealed Carry Holsters – Peep The Best

Concealed carry allows the everyday Joe and Jane the means to pack a firearm for self-defense. One of the most important considerations to concealed carry in your holster. Your holster selection plays a bigger role than you might know. Holsters are responsible for helping keep the firearm concealed, keeping it safe, and ensuring you can […]