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Sling Weaponry was the Personal Artillery of Ancient Warfare

In today’s warfare, no one would really bring a slingshot during the war, at least not that we are aware of. During ancient times, this weapon was widely used by many ancient armies. Its invention revolutionized how the military from all over the globe fought. Even when it is now crude in today’s standard, it […]

Nightstick Weapon Lights

While completely geeking out on flashlights and weapon lights at SHOT Show a couple of months ago, I came across Nightstick lights. Brian, the Nightstick rep I spoke to, immediately pointed out some of the perks of Nightstick lights, which were quality, price point, brightness, and function. One of the coolest features he showed me, […]

Praesidus A-11 Commemorative Watches: Recreating WWII History

When watchmaker Praesidus reached out to us about their watches I had to admit I was intrigued.  They didn’t just have a watch they wanted us to see, they wanted to tell us a story about the watch and the paratroopers who inspired Praesidus to make them. Tom Rice was an accomplished athlete at San […]

Getting A Shocking Taste of The Taser

You know what they say about the experience, it’s the best teacher. The military knows just that, so they make sure that the Military Police in training understand the effects of their weapons by, of course, trying them for themselves. They have certifications for stuff like OC (pepper) spray training and taser training. What does […]

That Sick Scythe You See As A Weapon Was Originally A Kind Of Lawn Mower

The scythe that we know in pop culture is often depicted as that of the Grim Reaper. A long pole with a single-edged knife curved forward like a hook or a claw. That’s what video game characters also use if they do— take Dante’s soul-sucking badass scythe from Dante’s Inferno video game. Except it looked […]

Beating The Heat With Qore Performance

With the increasing temperature over the last decades, it’s no surprise that too much heat is a growing concern for everyone, especially for people working under the scorching heat of the sun. Climate change is proving to be another enemy that seems more powerful than any of us. The good news is we’re humans. And […]

Dark Energy Chargers: A Bright Spot in the Market

When it comes to portable chargers, I’ve always needed them, but I’ve never exactly been excited about them. After all, what could be exciting about a rectangular charging block that is utilized solely for charging my electronics? Are they necessary for me? Yes. Exciting? Not. At least that’s what I thought… Like some of the […]

Faraday Defense: Protection through Hell, High Water and EMPs

When I saw the Faraday Defense booth at the 2022 SHOT Show, I was intrigued. As a police officer, I spent a bit of time in our county police’s Faraday cage (it houses all electronics seized during an arrest or after serving a search warrant), and I always found it intriguing. Since that time, I’ve […]

This Greek Enthusiast Built A Nazi Armored Car Replica

There’s boredom that could be quenched by browsing through social media or maybe playing online games. Then there’s a kind of boredom that could only be helped by recreating the light four-wheel-drive armored car that the German armored forces used during World War II called Panzerspähwagen Sd. Kfz. 222. As for Zacharias Ourgantzidis from Thessaloniki […]

A Brief History of the Dragunov Marksman Rifle

Whether you’ve encountered the Dragunov in the field, a documentary, or even in the Call of Duty videogame franchise, it’s no secret that the semi-automatic Soviet-era rifle is one of the best firearms ever to be designed and produced by the Russians. From its natural appeal and aesthetic in its wooden stock to its reliable […]