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Sea to Summit X11 Camp Set

Here at The Loadout Room you may have noticed a theme among our writing staff, we like to push our boundaries beyond what other people might consider normal. On these excursions, we love to test the limits of the equipment we get to demo and tell you about it. One major reoccurring concern we have […]


Looking at it, the SJK Thermal Cloak really looks like an oversized sleeping bag, but it’s actually a hunting blind. It gives you cover and reduces your chances of detection when in use outdoors. I’m going to start off and tell you I really enjoyed using this item over a 30 day period. It comes […]

The Loadout Room 2015: Into the Breach

You may have noticed we’ve been adding quite a bit of non-military-style gear reviews recently. This is not a mistake. We understand that those who are gun, knife, and survival junkies also like to camp, backpack, mountain bike, ski, and climb mountains just for the hell of it. We want to tailor our content to those gear […]

Quick Look: Nemo Veda 2P Trekking Pole Tent

If you have ever hiked, you probably know that packing yourself a good shelter comes at a price. You lose space and usually gain a good amount of weight, but your comfort increases a lot. Being protected from the elements when you’re still and can’t get warm by moving around is critical. Most companies have […]