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Blue Force Gear SAW Pouch | First Look

One of the more interesting elements of the Marine infantry is how jobs in the infantry are divided into different MOS categories. I spent five years as a machine gunner in a line company weapons platoon. I learned a lot, and I genuinely loved carrying the biggest gun in a rifle squad. One of the […]

Runbold HS Thermo Hooded Jacket | from Mammut

Living in a northern climate, I typically get to test a lot of the winter gear here on the Loadout Room. Which has its pros and cons. On the plus side, I get to use some of the latest and greatest outerwear in a climate they’re designed for. Whether it’s skiing, snowshoeing or hunting, I […]

The First-Ever Swinging and Reclining Camp Chair Hits the Market

[Dover, NH] – Ever since chairs were first created about five thousand years ago, people have been continuously improving upon comfort and form. And today, NEMO Equipment, Inc. announces a step-change in comfort with the introduction of the first ever portable swinging and reclining camp chair. The Stargaze™ Recliner is a suspended engineered chair that allows the […]

Compact backpacking towel: Sea to Summit Pocket Towel

When we engage in outdoor activities, whether it be camping with the family, surfing in Mexico, or hunting for our favorite wild game, we often have to make hard choices about what gear to take and what to leave at home. During these excursions and adventures there are necessities that we have to bring along, […]

Deuter ACT Lite 65+10 Backpack

Now that summer is upon us, the desire to get outdoors and enjoy nature is high on my list. Hiking, backpacking and camping are all things my family enjoys. And when German backpack manufacturer Deuter asks me to review their ACT Lite, I jump at the opportunity. Having carried my weight in the Ranger Regiment, […]

TDI and RE Factor Concealed Carry Jedburg Cover Shirt | Initial Impression

During World War II, a clandestine operation group was created, combining personnel of the British Special Operations Executive, the U.S. Office of Strategic Services, the Free French Bureau Central de Renseignements et d’Action (“Intelligence and operations central bureau”) and the Dutch and Belgian Armies called Jedburg. The “Jeds” were dropped by parachute into occupied France, […]

NEMO’s Helio LX Pressure Shower Wins Prestigious OutDoor Industry Award

​In one of the most highly coveted international outdoor product design competitions, NEMO Equipment, Inc., an award-winning outdoor gear manufacturer focused on shifting the way people enjoy and interact in the outdoors, was recognized with the OutDoor Industry Award 2017 for its Helio™ LX Pressure Shower. During an intensive two-day process, experts from the worlds […]

Grangers Performance & Down Wash | Quick Look

There’s nothing quite like that “dirty feet” smell of a down sleeping bag after a week on the trail. Or that funk emanating from a performance base layer post workout. Most commercially available garment washes are of the one-size-fits-all variety. But not all garments are created equally. In fact, the fabrics used on Gore-Tex outer layers, […]