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Nemo Spike 2P Ultralight Tent | Review

Nemo Equipment offers a complete line of well-built outdoor equipment for the adventurous customer. Always pushing the limits in both quality and durability, Nemo Equipment has been a constant in my camping loadout for years. If you’re like me and are conscious of every ounce you put into your pack, take a look at the […]

9 Essential Tips For Lone Hikers

While many people don’t even consider hiking alone, some adventurers prefer to hike solo. There are several perks that come with lone hiking. First and foremost, you don’t have to compromise plans to make other people happy. There is an overall greater sense of freedom when hiking alone. Still, those unfamiliar with this idea are […]

Top 10 Overnight Hike Essentials

Recently a friend of mine called me to ask some advice on gear. Specifically, he was planning a 3 day hike with his two kids (adult aged kids), and wanted to make sure he wasn’t forgetting anything essential. Their hike would entail sleeping out each night, and having to pack everything they were going to […]

Nemo Fillo Backpacking & Camping Pillow

An often overlooked item when it comes to camping/backpacking (even hunting) is a pillow. With space at a premium people will settle for a rolled up coat, or a balled up sweater and call it a night. In a pinch these tactics can work, but what if there was a better way? There is, and its […]

Nemo Victory Sunshade | First Look

If you live in the Northern Latitudes like I do on the 45th parallel, winter is finally a thing of the past and spring is in full swing. For Spring Break, my family escaped to Anna Maria Island, Florida for a little reprieve from the long winter. Last year our “old-school” umbrella finally took a […]

Survive Outdoors Longer (SOL) Escape Bivvy

A while back, I had the pleasure of meeting up with one of my old buddies from Ranger Battalion. We thought, “Hey, it’s Veterans Day; let’s go to the woods, drink some whiskey, and talk about the good ol’ days!” No harm in that, right? I knew there was a cold front moving in, but […]

Sea to Summit X11 Camp Set

Here at The Loadout Room you may have noticed a theme among our writing staff, we like to push our boundaries beyond what other people might consider normal. On these excursions, we love to test the limits of the equipment we get to demo and tell you about it. One major reoccurring concern we have […]