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Emerson CQC-7 BW: Minimal maintenance and maximum self-defense

I have owned several folding knives that became favorites for various reasons. Sometimes it is a functional feature, other times aesthetic. With Emerson’s CQC-7BW it all boils down to that incredible chisel ground ‘B’ blade and Tanto style point. It wraps everything I want out of a blade into one – durability, design, and function. […]

The Sicarii Assassins and the Emerson Persian Tactical Knife Design

The Sicarii (one of the most fanatical black ops organizations of the ancient world). The Sicarii operated in the shadows of the ancient world. In Latin, Sicarii is the plural form of Sicarius meaning “dagger-man” or “dagger-wielder”. The Sicarii were deeply motivated by their beliefs in God, Freedom and the independence of their country. These […]

Emerson Knives Aftershock!

I wanted to give you guys a quick look at the Emerson Knives Aftershock. Emerson Knives has just recently restocked this knife, so if you’ve had your eye out for an Aftershock, now is the time to get your hands on it. The Aftershock is your typical Emerson quality folder with outstanding ergonomics that latch onto […]

Loadout Room photo of the day | Emerson Knives

2nd code save in two days. Today’s was my call/report. Severe head trauma. Blood and vomit everywhere. 3rd story inside the bathroom and in the wind and rain. Overall shitty call. Just glad the patient had pulses when we got to the ER. Not a good prognosis for them though. This tool… if you are […]