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Emerson La Griffe | A Second First Look

I don’t think I’m a knife guy. The general knives I own and buy fill a purpose and that’s usually it. I’m not on the cutting edge of the knife world. My time at the Loadout Room and reviewing knives has really opened my eyes. In reviewing knives I often get to use and abuse […]

Emerson Knives Commander | Survival Folding Knife

The Emerson Knives Commander is celebrating it’s 20 year anniversary this year. Early on Emerson Knives created the ES1-M, which was developed as an all-around survival knife for the SEAL Teams. That knife (The ES1-M) is what we know today as the Emerson Commander knife. Take a look at the photo below out of Tactical Knives […]

Emerson Seax | Viking blade for the modern age

The Seax (pronounced as a cross between sea-axe and syAX) was a medieval short blade of legend.  While the Vikings used it to devastating effect (and fame), many neighboring societies took notice and started using the distinctive shape.  One part close fighting tool and one part utilitarian cutting tool, the Seax was a daily part […]

Gray Precision Monster ThumbDisk for Emerson Knives

I’m not one to add a bunch of bling to my knives. Generally, I will only add an aftermarket accessory if it actually fulfills a purpose. Most knives that I own have remained stock since the day I bought them. One of the knives that I feel needs an aftermarket upgrade is the Emerson P-TAC. […]

Watch: An Inside Look at Emerson Knives

For those of you that follow me know that I have done quite a few knife reviews for the Loadout Room. In order to get accurate information into your hands requires me to carry the knives and actually use them. When I’m not testing and evaluating a knife more often than not I’ve got an […]

SOFREP Radio: Ernest Emerson talks knife craftsmanship, and early mixed martial arts

Emerson Knives is a brand that’s trusted by everyone from Navy SEALs to NASA astronauts, and that’s why you’ve seen their products in the Crate Club and receiving rave reviews on The Loadout Room. The story of how the company’s founder Ernest Emerson got into crafting these knives is fascinating, and you won’t want to miss it. Ernie is also a […]

Emerson Knives Horseman: Portable and simple

Emerson Knives have long been a collector’s piece and useful workhorse of many knife aficionados, military, LEO, and hard workers everywhere. The rugged durability and common sense design have long been sought after since the companies inception. I personally was a bit put off by the price point on some of their knives. After destroying […]

Emerson Knives Mini CQC-15

Throughout the history of mankind, a sharp knife has been a necessary survival tool. Since the earliest man sharpened a fragment of rock into a crude blade, the knife has been arguably man’s greatest invention (aside from capturing fire, or maybe soap). So when the time came for me to select a knife I would […]

Emerson La Griffe: A Fixed Blade for Everyday

During my Emerson La Griffe review I was pleasantly surprised. In my experience, folding knives are small and made for the pocket. Fixed blade knives are large and hang off the belt. The Emerson La Griffe defies both expectations. It’s a fixed blade knife that goes on the belt but is small enough to pocket. In the […]