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A Minimalist Day-Hike Loadout

When it comes to a day hike, it’s just as important to be prepared as it is when backpacking or hunting. I often see people out for a day hike with only a disposable bottle of water shoved into a cargo pocket. When it comes to what I personally take on a hike, I like […]

Top 5 Folding Carry Knives

As I have mentioned in a few of my articles, I always carry a blade. The knives I choose to carry are selected based upon certain criteria: The handle needs to be long enough for a full-hand grip and ergonomic enough to feel somewhat comfortable in the hand. I prefer a handle that feels good in […]

DPx HEAT/F OD Knife Review

After using the DPx Gear HEAT/F knife for a few weeks as my everyday carry, I am impressed. Yes, it is a small blade at under 3″, but don’t let that fool you. When you grab hold of this knife, you know you’re holding a well-built tool. The handle is beefy and fits the hand very well, with a […]

In the Chamber: SHOT Show & Outdoor Retailer

It’s that time of year again. In the chamber this week, we’ll have attendees at both the SHOT show and Outdoor Retailer Winter Market scouring the floor for the latest and greatest gear on the planet, as well as testing the newest toys at the SHOT Media Range Day and the Outdoor Retailer All Mountain Demo. Throughout the next […]

DPx HEAT/F OD Knife: First Impression

DPx’s Hostile Environment At-Hand Tool (HEAT) was created to be a low-profile, under 3″-long blade that could still be considered a true “knife.” Designed with the needs of law-enforcement agencies, the military, and first responders in mind, DPx focused their efforts on working with less blade but without compromising on materials, featuring a glass breaker, and ensuring the blade could be […]

Blackhawk Predator Loadout

BLACKHAWK! makes some bomber gear. I know when I buy something from Blackhawk it’s going to go the long haul and endure all types of abuse and weather. That’s why I chose the Blackhawk Predator as my preferred pack for all my hikes and field use. The loadout I’m going to discuss here is what […]

Cold Steel’s Spearpoint Tactical Folder: The Hold Out II

A man walks along a lonely road, barely more than a foot-beaten path, nestled into the Scottish mountainside. A long scabbard affixes a claymore to his back to protect him from anything the wilds of the wood may present him on his journey home. The sporran slung around his waist jingles with coin, marking the […]

ENIGMA “AOW” Briefcase Gun

Personally, I’m not a fan of this type of system (HK has one also). I prefer (as Clinton does) more creative ways to handle threats.  Regardless, I wanted to share this with you guys and let YOU weigh in on the ENIGMA. The pictured case is badass looking, I’ll admit, just a little too James […]