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Write On Anything

In my previous post “Message In A Nalgene Bottle”, I showed some screen shots of annotated pictures and maps as well as the digital handwritten notes that would be used to direct generations of Davises around the world seeking treasure, wisdom and a hell of a lot of fun. The application that I used to do this, […]

Goal Zero – Switch 8 Power Pack

The Goal Zero Switch 8 Recharger is a compact power supply, best suited for smaller USB powered devices, that can be replenished by laptop or by way of the sun. The Switch 8 can bring life back to a flatlined smartphone within an hour and be ready to do it again in another 4. So […]

Their Reign of Terror Is Over!

Too many times I’ve had what was going to be a nice meal ruined by 2 or 3 flies that just wouldn’t go away. Traditional flyswatters aren’t always effective when dealing with crafty flies that only land on your food. Never again will any of us have to sit through a BBQ anxiously waving our […]

Ghillie and the Suit

Last week I had the opportunity to visit with Dave Rhoden at 511 Tactical Gear. He sat me down in their conference room, pulled out a pen and with a look of intensity asked, “What do you need?”. I went on to tell him about how relevant the tactics, principles, and gear were to professionals […]

Super Human?

In one way or the other we all either want, or think we need, super strength –  hearing, vision and intelligence. For the most part we’ve all conceded that any significant human enhancement is only accomplished in the movies. But, for the select few who understand how to master and leverage technology, human enhancement isn’t […]


Nato Band: Not Just a Gimmick

I’ve tried several “Nato copy cat” type watch bands, some that look better and appear stronger but have been largely disappointed. I was using one of these copy cat bands while surfing, and it kept coming unraveled in the water.  This is not a comfortable feeling when wearing my twelve-year old Rolex Sub that’s been […]

Micro Power: Solar Powered Cameras Coming To a Base Near You

I had a chance to sit down, and have lunch with a good friend of mine Aaron Tankersley in San Diego last month to catch up. Aaron is the CEO of Micro Power (see below), and their company is doing some great things when it comes to adding capabilities to wireless surveillance cameras. I know […]

Raven Concealment Systems OWB Quick Mount Straps

The boys over at Raven Concealment Systems recently released the OWB Quick Mount Straps for their holsters and carriers. They were cool enough to get a few sets of the QMS’s in my hands to check out.

Training Like you Fight – Team Wendy ESAPI Non-Ballistic Training Plates

There are many thought processes that go into how to train for real world incidents. Some hit the range with their TAC pants, T-Shirt and Plate Carrier. This may be sufficient for some just out for a day of shooting. But the reality is whether you’re a patrol officer or a S.W.A.T. team member; this […]

Useable Waterproof iPhone Case: Yes It Does Exist

My friend and former SEAL teammate, Eric, turned me onto to the LIFEPROOF  iPhone case.  Eric said, “this case lets me take my iPhone surfing with the kids”, and I just shot him a sideways look and said, “Seriously?”. He ended up offering up his phone to me poolside (at his house) but, like most […]