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Raven Concealment Systems OWB Quick Mount Straps

The boys over at Raven Concealment Systems recently released the OWB Quick Mount Straps for their holsters and carriers. They were cool enough to get a few sets of the QMS’s in my hands to check out.

Training Like you Fight – Team Wendy ESAPI Non-Ballistic Training Plates

There are many thought processes that go into how to train for real world incidents. Some hit the range with their TAC pants, T-Shirt and Plate Carrier. This may be sufficient for some just out for a day of shooting. But the reality is whether you’re a patrol officer or a S.W.A.T. team member; this […]

Useable Waterproof iPhone Case: Yes It Does Exist

My friend and former SEAL teammate, Eric, turned me onto to the LIFEPROOF  iPhone case.  Eric said, “this case lets me take my iPhone surfing with the kids”, and I just shot him a sideways look and said, “Seriously?”. He ended up offering up his phone to me poolside (at his house) but, like most […]

LBT-2595D MULTICAM Three Day Light Backpack

It is no secret that LBT is a sponsor of ours but in all honesty you’ve probably noticed that we only partner with solid companies that we believe in (e.g. you will not find some ACME me too tactical brand on here). Main Features * Heavy duty carry handle * Covered ports for hydration system […]

Octopus blending

Camouflage at its absolute best

This is the holy grail of camouflage for the fighting folk.  Despite all of our technology, we are still playing catch-up to nature but we are learning and strides are being made.  Nature has had a lot more time to tweak and test it’s creations, and the price to pay for failing was literally life.  […]


1500 Lumens on Two Batteries? SUREFIRE is headed there

Here’s a great explanation of the evolution of batteries by Ron at Surefire…..1500 Lumens on two batteries? Not so far fetched if you ask us and talk about a blinder..shit! Let me know what you guys think. Brandon %EMBED9%