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Krupto Strategic SERE ankle band: A Crate Club exclusive product

Krupto Strategic SERE ankle band: A Crate Club exclusive product

One of the Crate Club exclusives comes from Krupto Strategic. This SERE ankle band is designed to be wrapped around your ankle and to carry the small tools you need to make it home. The SERE ankle band is a simple, but effective idea. It sports three pockets, one large and two small, and is designed […]

When DIY is your only option: The Voodoo Tactical Minor Surgery Kit

For many of us, it’s our worst nightmare: someone in your group has a serious injury and you’re in an environment or situation that doesn’t permit a quick trip to the hospital. Maybe you’re in a foreign country you’re not supposed to be in, maybe you’re on the trail thirty miles from your vehicle — […]

Everybody could use a good rope in their life: The Panthera Climbing Rope

For a climber, a good quality climbing rope can mean the difference between life and death. For the rest of us, climbing rope may not fall as high on our list of gear priorities… but as this Panthera climbing rope has demonstrated over the past few months, you’d be surprised how often a rope you […]

Here’s everything you need to prepare for the next hurricane

The U.S. Army has been playing an active role in the preparation, rescue, and recovery efforts following natural disasters like hurricanes for years. Now, with large storms seemingly battering our nation’s coasts more frequently than ever, they, as well as a number of other federal agencies, have begun releasing information aimed at helping ensure you’re […]

Rad on Gear: Wood burning with the Crate Club Windproof Lighter

It’s not all about the time you spend looking for adventure in the great outdoors — sometimes it’s got to be about spending time with your family and getting work done. That’s what Rad’s up to in this edition of Rad on Gear: working on a walking stick project with his son. When it comes […]

The Ax Survival Card by Crate Club

The Ax Survival Card is a testament to human creativity. How many tools can you shove into something the height and width of a credit card, but only a little thicker? The Ax portion is the star of the show, but the tool also works as the following: Scraper Pry Bar Knife Can Opener Box […]

Rad on Gear: What’s on your survival bracelet?

In this edition of Rad on Gear, we join Rad while he checks out a survival bracelet being worn by one of the many Namsoft participants that took part in the event this year with Utah Airsoft. This survival bracelet comes with a few handy surprises – make sure to check it out! Get this […]

Everything you need to be prepared for an earthquake

On July 4th, holiday celebrations throughout the American Southwest were put on hold when a magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck the region, fracturing roads and prompting serious concern from many residents of Southern California. The following night, an even more powerful magnitude 7.1 earthquake tore through the same communities, having already weathered numerous aftershocks. This subsequent […]

Rad on Gear: One Card to Rule them all — The Crate Club Axe Survival Card

In this edition of Rad on Gear, he’s showing off the Crate Club Axe Survival Card. Our partners over at the Crate Club pulled out all the stops with this little piece of kit: cramming more than 20 different functions into a card you can stick right in your wallet. After all, it doesn’t matter […]