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Rat Worx MRX automatic chain driven knife

Rat Worx (Research and Testing WORX, Inc.) is known in the industry as a class II firearms manufacturer. Their focus has primarily been as an OEM manufacturer of gun parts for the IWI Tavor, Steyr AUG and others. After spending three and half years in design, Rat Worx has released their patented automatic knife, the […]

Rat Worx MRX Black: First Impression

The Rat Worx MRX line of knives are incredible, to say the least. I’ve always thought of automatic knives as having too many possible points of failure, and not strong enough to withstand rigorous use. But through¬†their¬†many years of research and testing, Rat Worx has come up with a damn-near indestructible automatic knife. Style of […]

Rat Worx Mini MRX Knife Review

Rat Worx has developed a line of knives with several firsts in knife making: They’re operated on a mini roller chain, powered by two dual-nested springs, and the manufacturer information is all concealed inside the knife handle, giving the knife a completely sterile look which could come in handy for those working abroad that need […]

Rat Worx MRX Mini Knife Reviewed

Besides the fact that these knives are 100 percent American made, they have some other very unique features that you won’t find with any other knife maker. Per the manufacturer, those unique features are: Operates on a miniature roller chain. Blade pivots on a permanently lubricated ball bearing washer system. Powered by dual nested right […]

Zu Bladeworx Warmonger Available for Pre-Order

Courtesy of Breach Bang Clear Apocalypse Josh One of my favorite bladesmith companies,¬†ZU Bladeworx¬†in New South Wales, Australia, is accepting orders for their newest bladed weapon: The Warmonger. Note that I didn‚Äôt say ‚Äútool.‚ÄĚ I might sometimes use euphemisms when it comes to blades, but this is a¬†weapon. Apparently styled after the Imperial Chinese¬†dadao¬†knife, this […]

Top 5 Folding Carry Knives

As I have mentioned in a few of my articles, I¬†always carry a blade. The knives I choose to carry are selected based upon certain criteria: The handle needs to be long enough for a full-hand grip and ergonomic enough to feel somewhat comfortable in the hand. I prefer a handle that feels good in […]

In the Chamber: SHOT Show & Outdoor Retailer

It’s that time of year again. In the chamber¬†this week, we’ll have attendees at both the SHOT¬†show and Outdoor Retailer Winter Market scouring¬†the floor for the latest and greatest gear on the planet, as well as testing¬†the newest toys at the SHOT Media Range Day and the Outdoor Retailer All Mountain Demo. Throughout the next […]

Glock Upgrades and Do-It-Yourself Modifications

Glock ‚ÄėSafe-Action‚Äô pistols are arguably one of the most prolific pistols in use today by military and law enforcement organizations around the world as well as private citizens. The reasons are many and while this article is not intended to be a review of the pistol, I will list a few that are particularly noteworthy: […]

Pimp the Steyr AUG

Report by spartanat.com Corvus Defensio, a start-up company based in Vienna, Austria, focused on enhancing the Steyr AUG rifle platform. All founding members of Corvus Defensio acquired their own experience with this rifle when they were in military service. They liked the weapon a lot but wanted to come around some commonly known annoying gaps. […]