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Nemo Tensor Field Insulated Sleeping Pad | Review

Sleeping on the unforgiving ground in a tent doesn’t always lend itself to a good nights rest. Finding a way to get comfortable on the ground has always been a challenge for me. As much as I love hiking and camping, a solution had to be found in order for me to continue enjoying an […]

15 Clever (and Witty!) Military Gear Nicknames You Should Know

Those who have served in the military know that it represents a world and culture all its own.  It even has its languages that service members speak in the different branches. Those languages also differ between the services.  For example, in the Navy, a bathroom is called a “Head.” While in the Army it’s called […]

The Rush24 2.0 From 5.11 Tactical

The 5.11 Rush series have been around for almost 15 years now. This year we see the first update in the form of the Rush 2.0 series. We got our greedy mitts on the Rush24 2.0 and have been putting it through its paces. What’s New With The Rush24 2.0 First, they added a concealed […]

Here’s everything you need to prepare for the next hurricane

The U.S. Army has been playing an active role in the preparation, rescue, and recovery efforts following natural disasters like hurricanes for years. Now, with large storms seemingly battering our nation’s coasts more frequently than ever, they, as well as a number of other federal agencies, have begun releasing information aimed at helping ensure you’re […]

Everything you need to be prepared for an earthquake

On July 4th, holiday celebrations throughout the American Southwest were put on hold when a magnitude 6.4 earthquake struck the region, fracturing roads and prompting serious concern from many residents of Southern California. The following night, an even more powerful magnitude 7.1 earthquake tore through the same communities, having already weathered numerous aftershocks. This subsequent […]