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Shooting Tips & How-To


USMC Fundamentals Of Marksmanship

I’ve never met a Marine that couldn’t shoot well. This video is an oldie but a goodie. Check it out and you might learn some new things or just pound home some fundamentals. Semper Fi Devil Dogs… Brandon out. %EMBED1%

Insurgent Tactics

The situation in Syria continues to evolve with the freedom fighters/insurgents improving on multiple fronts including weapons and tactics.  One area they seem to be crapping the bed on is organization.  These guys are splintering into dozens and dozens of factions, providing no unified front against Assad’s forces.  It seems highly probable that these factions […]

Combat Accuracy

I’ve tried to cover quite a bit so far on rifle and pistol accuracy, including techniques and methods for practicing. To be sure, our readers are also great sources of knowledge and I’ve learned and enhanced my own techniques as a result of the discussions as much as writing the articles themselves. One of the […]


Spec Ops Tactic Tip: The Hasty L-shaped Ambush

Just like it sounds gents. When in being pursued by the enemy she can re-shuffle the deck with a good counter-pursuit hasty ambush. You need stand-off distance on the main element in order to let the Heavy Weps light ’em up. Good for stalkers (I’m on #4 now) or on the Air Soft Battlefield…. Brandon […]