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To Hell and back: The 2019 Marine Raider Competition

On June 12, Marines from across the Marine Corps’ special operations units gathered in Camp Lejeune, North Carolina, to participate in the 2019 Marine Raider Competition. Six teams, each comprised of six spec ops Marines, competed for the glory of being awarded the title of best Marine Raider. The six teams hailed from the 1st […]

Pack your gear: NASA announces plan to rent out International Space Station

In a somewhat surprising move, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) announced last week it will rent out portions of the International Space Station (ISS) to private corporations. The plan also includes provisions to allow private astronauts to travel to the space station. According to a NASA press release, the new policy hopes to […]

Be prepared: The 2019 wildfire season threatens to be another inferno

Experts warn that the 2019 wildfire season in the U.S. could be a bad one. A report issued by the National Interagency Fire Center (NIFC) earlier this month paints a bleak picture of what firefighters are likely to face this season. According to the report, significant fire activity is expected to begin around the end […]

Army recognizes top ten operators from across its special operations community

On June 7, the Army Special Operations Command recognized ten soldiers and civilians from across its special operations units for their distinguished service. Brig. Gen. Harrison Gilliam, the deputy commanding officer of the U.S. Army Special Warfare Center and School, inducted five soldiers into the Special Forces Regiment, two soldiers into the Civil Affairs Regiment, […]

Gun control: The case of the ‘smart gun’

Could so-called smart guns be the solution to gun control and fewer mass shooting incidents? A new study finds that while there is widespread support for smart guns, the considerable additional cost and questionable efficacy demotivates people from purchasing such weapons. According to the study by Johns Hopkins University’s Bloomberg School of Public Health, smart […]

Watch: This insane drone footage puts you inside a rocket artillery barrage

Despite the widespread use of photo and video capturing technologies in our modern world, there are still some sights that elude all but the most fortunate (or unfortunate) of us. Bigfoot remains nothing more than a brown blur no matter how many megapixels Apple crams into their new iPhones and although we’re all certain that […]

VA institutes new policy aimed at stopping vets from hiding guns in wheelchairs

For many veterans, the Department of Veterans Affairs can be a source of seemingly limitless frustration. Long wait times, understaffed facilities, and miles of red tape are just some of the barriers between veterans and the care they seek, and as a result, a rash of gun related incidents have plagued VA facilities in recent […]

Recon Challenge 2019: Sweat, blood, and pain for a noble cause

On May 16, active-duty and veteran U.S. Marines from units stationed around the globe gathered in Camp Pendleton, California, to participate in the annual Recon Challenge. The Recon Challenge is an endurance event that takes participants through numerous tests inspired by the Reconnaissance Marine training and operational history. There is, for example, a grueling 30-mile […]