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$7 Billion Worth of Military Equipment in the Hands of the Taliban in Afghanistan

A report by the United States Department of Defense concludes that approximately $7 billion in weapons, aircraft, and other military equipment was left in Afghanistan in the aftermath of Biden’s move to withdraw troops from the country. $18.6 billion was the total bill on the equipment provided by the US to the Afghan National Defense […]

French Firepower: CAESAR Howitzers, Milan ATGMs Are Being Sent to Ukraine

The heavy artillery is coming in as France and Poland begin a trickle of heavy weapons supplied to Ukraine. French 155mm CAESAR howitzers and thousands of shells are making their way to Kyiv following an announcement last Friday by the French government. MILAN anti-tank guided missiles were also reportedly being sent to Ukraine. Before the […]

Germany, France Sold Weapons to Russia, Exploited Loopholes in 2014 Arms Embargo

Things are not looking good for France and Germany. It was recently discovered that the two countries who are also supporting figures in Ukraine’s war against Russia had exploited a loophole in the EU-wide embargo on arms shipments to Russia implemented in 2014. Germany and France’s exploitation of the loopholes was exposed by The Telegraph […]

Slovenia Sending Tanks to Ukraine, Ukrainian Tank Brigades on the Roll

Following the Czech Republic’s donation of 56 Pbv-501 infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine with the approval of Germany, Slovenia is now stepping up to the plate and donating its own set of tanks to Ukraine. This is to help the country defend its territory against the Russian advance in Donbas. It is rumored that Slovenia’s […]

US Sends Secret Phoenix Ghost Drone as Part of New $800M Military Aid to Ukraine

President Biden has announced a new military aid package to Ukraine worth $800 million to provide the Ukrainian Armed Forces with more weapons. The new Russian offensive into Donbas requires that the Ukrainian forces be resupplied with proper munitions that would suit the environment in eastern Ukraine, which is why the US has sent the […]

Russia’s ‘Son of Satan’ Sarmat ICBM Test-fired, Putin Threatens the West Again

In an attempt to intimidate the West as the Russian offensive in Donbas continues, the Russian military announced that it successfully test-fired its new intercontinental ballistic missile, the Sarmat ICBM or the Satan II. According to Russian state news agency TASS, the first test of the Sarmat was carried out last Wednesday at the Plesetsk […]

Pentagon Claims MiGs Going to Ukraine Again, Ukraine Says ‘We Only Got Spare Parts!’

Last April 19th, Pentagon Spokesperson John Kirby announced that Ukraine had received more fixed-wing fighter aircraft through its allies. However, they did not specify which fighter jets were sent, how many units were donated, and which country gave them to the Ukrainians. “I mean, they right now have available to them more fixed-wing fighter aircraft […]

Throwback to World War I: The Lethal Fléchette Darts Used By Russians In Bucha

A rarely used munition was found following the Russian attack and later withdrawal from Bucha, Ukraine, over the past month of fighting. Residents in the city found small arrows or darts called flĂ©chettes scattered on the ground, a projectile rarely used in modern combat. A woman named Svitlana Chmut from Bucha found these mini-arrows in […]