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The US Navy releases new SEAL selection and training video

In an apparent move to attract more candidates, the Navy has released a new recruiting video about the Navy SEAL selection and training process. Many people don’t realize that shiny military career fields in special operations—such as SEALs, Green Berets, Rangers, Pararescuemen, and Marine Recon—serve as a great way to recruit quality people for the […]

Special Operations Command considers keto diet for SEALs

In what is bound to be a controversial decision, the Special Operations Command (SOCOM) is pondering establishing a mandatory keto diet for its maritime operators. The rationale behind the move is that such a diet would make diving operations more efficient and effective. A ketogenic diet is high in fat with a moderate intake of […]

Get your wings to go: Surveillance footage shows KFC exploding

When it comes to being prepared, a lot of us always have two competing voices in our heads: one that’s constantly warning us about impending danger, and another that’s constantly dismissing those dangers as the products of our own paranoia. This threat-assessment schizophrenia is a product of our environment, of course — the United States […]

Russian Romance: Guy hires commandos for marriage proposal at gunpoint

Anyone with an internet connection and access to YouTube already knows that Russia is like the Upside Down from “Stranger Things,” in that it looks like the developed world but seems to operate under a very different set of rules. Watching crazy dashcam footage from inside Russian boarders has long been a great way to […]

US Special Operations Command’s quest for new armor-piercing sniper round

Eager to satisfy the Special Operations Command’s (SOCOM) appetite for technological innovation and improved efficiency, researchers are developing a new armor-piercing sniper round. During the National Defense Industries Association Armaments Symposium (NDIAAS), researchers with the Crane Division of the Naval Surface Warfare Center (NAVSEA) had the opportunity to present their ideas and show the progress […]

Watch: What does it take to become a Delta operator?

While covering a story recently, I had the opportunity to tour some facilities with a number of current and former elite operators hailing from various military branches and government agencies. Although these men may have different abbreviations on their identification cards, the community of people with their unique skill set and level of expertise is […]