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The danger inherent to appendix carrying a pistol

The danger inherent to appendix carrying a pistol

I appendix carry daily and have no intention of changing that anytime soon. Recently, a video has been making the rounds on social media of a man holstering his firearm into an appendix carry holster and discharging into his lower body as he bends over. The man appears to be standing in the back office […]

SEND IT! How to Legally Ship a GUN! Watch The Legal Brief

SEND IT! How to Legally Ship a GUN! Watch The Legal Brief

There are times when you may need to ship a gun to yourself for hunting or competition. You may need to ship a gun to a dealer for sale or repair. There are many legal options for this but it is not as easy as you think. There are nuances and rules you must know […]

Best AR Build Instructional Video EVER: Tools Required and Parts List

The guys at Build Explore Learn on youtube have put together the greatest AR build instructions of all time. They are easy to use and contain the distilled knowledge of decades of AR builds into video form. I have built a bunch of ARs and watched hours of videos, This is the best set of […]

Reloaded: The Grand Power K-100 Pistol

Reloaded: The Grand Power K-100 Pistol

Grand Power has been called the best pistol you’ve never heard of.  As a fan of their guns that has been raving about them for years I take offense to that.  As you’ve seen in our article on the Q100 I have a small collection of Grand Power pistols and that’s for good reason, they’re […]

SB Tactical SBA3 AR Pistol Stabilizing Brace: 5-Position Adjustable, Dramatically Versatile

SB Tactical has done it again. Pushing back the boundaries of regulation, they have produced an adjustable brace for AR pistols. Designed for all platforms capable of accepting a mil-spec carbine receiver extension, the SBA3 is 5-position adjustable, dramatically enhances versatility, and features a minimalist design with an integral, ambidextrous QD sling socket. Features: Minimalist […]

How to Get the Most Out of Attending a Gun Show

Planning to attend a gun show? So you’ve seen the ads and your interest has peaked your curiosity. Gun shows allow local business owners and individuals to showcase their products and services to the general public. What does this mean for you, the consumer? It means you’re able to see a wide array of firearms […]

The Peltor 500 Tactical Ear Muffs – A Quiet Riot

Hearing protection is something I rarely give much thought to. It all works reasonably well. From the 99 cent disposables to the Peltor 500 Tactical ear pro I’m currently using. The goal of hearing protection is simple, and it’s in the name. Protect my hearing! One of the joys of living in a western capitalist […]

You Say You Want a Revolution? The SBA3 Adjustable Pistol Brace

Can you guys remember when SB Tactical and SIG released the first pistol brace? It set the firearms world on fire. People lost their minds and then we could shoulder it! Then we couldn’t. Now we can again! We have come a long way from the original SIG brace. I have my original model and comparing […]

Charge it – Recover Tactical’s Glock Charging Handle

If you can slap it on a Glock someone will make it. The Glock and the AR 15 share a lot of traits in terms of popularity. Some folks make awesome upgrades for them, some just make dumb stuff. Most of the time you can separate one from the other immediately, other times you need […]

American Tactical .410 AR Shotgun: Milspec Lower with a Shotgun Upper

The American Tactical AR-15 Shotgun, chambered in .410 is exciting. Semi automatic shotguns that look like military sporting rifles are nothing new, the Saiga 12 gauge has been out for years, but to our knowledge this is one of the first in .410 and in the AR-15 pattern. Once we started talking to the folks […]