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The Gigantic Punt Gun, Bringing Down 100 Ducks in a Single Blast

What’s your go-to shotgun during hunting? Maybe your gas-driven Beretta AL 390? Remington 870 Wingmaster with butter-smooth action? How about a big-ass one that could instantly kill fifty ducks in one shot? If you think that was quite impossible, perhaps you haven’t heard of this ridiculously large shotgun used in the 19th and early 20th […]

The Not-So-Sweet Origin Of “How Do You Like Them Apples?”

Who can forget Matt Damon’s famous line in the movie Good Will Hunting as he was pounding on the pub window, taunting that rich grad student who failed to get the girl’s number? “Do you like apples?” followed with him showing the guy the girl’s phone number and saying, “How do you like them apples?” […]

Why The Whitworth Rifle Was Worth It

During the Civil War, a muzzle-loaded, single-shot rifle was what the Confederates depended on to shoot down Union officers and more. This rifle was arguably the first-ever long-range sniper that the world had ever seen, and it changed warfare for the next centuries after its creation. Designed by a prominent British engineer, it was called […]

The Navy’s Forward Firing Mini Missile Packs A Punch

When we imagine missiles, we usually picture those 30-feet ballistic missiles or maybe the cruise type one that’s around 20 feet, and they are at that size for a reason: they had to be huge and powerful enough to be effectively used against an enemy with a formidable air defense system. If the Pentagon relied […]

A Brief History of the Dragunov Marksman Rifle

Whether you’ve encountered the Dragunov in the field, a documentary, or even in the Call of Duty videogame franchise, it’s no secret that the semi-automatic Soviet-era rifle is one of the best firearms ever to be designed and produced by the Russians. From its natural appeal and aesthetic in its wooden stock to its reliable […]

The French And Their Anti-Tank Gun Vespa Scooters

War calls for manufacturers and the government to weaponize anything that can be weaponized. Remember when the US Army tried to use Nerf footballs as grenades? That’s gotta be the most American thing ever. It’s not only them, of course. In the 1950s, the French military once made an anti-tank Vespa scooter. While the rest […]

Panzerfaust: Germany’s Somewhat Legendary Anti-Tank Weapon

As far as anti-tank weapons are concerned, the Panzerfaust (armor fist) was not exceptional, nor was it an innovation at that time. Regardless, this inexpensive, single-shot, recoilless anti-tank weapon was effective for its purpose, given its crude design. Improvement from Faustpatrone Panzerfaust was introduced in 1943 as Germany’s answer to improving Soviet tank technology during […]

The Venerable M203 Grenade Launcher Is Actually A Piece Of Junk.

Whether you’ve played Black Hawk Down, Call of Duty, or Battlefield, chances are you’ve played around with the M203 grenade launcher. Goofing around with a grenade launcher in a game can be one hell of a good time, but there’s a reason why the actual military is slowly phasing it out. Around 2008, the M320 […]

The Deadly Darts Called ‘Sabot’ Could Liquefy Its Target

You might not have seen the Sabot before, and you don’t want to see one, especially if it’s headed directly towards your vehicle. Given that it’s an anti-tank weapon, it is deadly, and its effects were nasty but in a way that perhaps you couldn’t have imagined. What is a Sabot? Sabot is a non-explosive […]

Awesome Machine Guns in The US Army History

Machine guns changed the face of warfare. They industrialized the way wars were fought. They were among the most used weapons during World War I and World War II. With dozens of designs and variations that the US had made, safe to say that the United States was a fan. Here are some of the […]