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100-Year-Old M1910 Maxim Machine Gun used by Ukrainian Forces

The Russian invasion of Ukraine has brought about the resurgence of some of both countries’ old weapons that still pack a good punch, some of which have outlived their operational capacity. However, there are a few that still does make a difference despite their age, and one of those weapons is the M1910 Maxim machine […]

A Russian Antique Cannon Was Seen Guarding a Russian Checkpoint in Kherson

The Russians have had a not-so-good showing in their invasion of Ukraine for the past three months. Much of that can be attributed to wrong planning, relying on conscripts, and unmaintained military equipment, to name a few reasons. However, another issue plagues the Russian military that has prevented them from being successful in Ukraine, and […]

From Fighter Planes to Micro Cars, Messerschmitt in the Post War Era

“Improvise, adapt, overcome” was the unofficial slogan of the US Army Marines, but this could virtually be applied in any sort of situation. So when Germany’s Messerschmitt, the leading aircraft manufacturer during World War II, was banned from producing planes for ten years, they overcame the business circumstances by creating a new product. That’s how […]

Germany, France Sold Weapons to Russia, Exploited Loopholes in 2014 Arms Embargo

Things are not looking good for France and Germany. It was recently discovered that the two countries who are also supporting figures in Ukraine’s war against Russia had exploited a loophole in the EU-wide embargo on arms shipments to Russia implemented in 2014. Germany and France’s exploitation of the loopholes was exposed by The Telegraph […]

Slovenia Sending Tanks to Ukraine, Ukrainian Tank Brigades on the Roll

Following the Czech Republic’s donation of 56 Pbv-501 infantry fighting vehicles to Ukraine with the approval of Germany, Slovenia is now stepping up to the plate and donating its own set of tanks to Ukraine. This is to help the country defend its territory against the Russian advance in Donbas. It is rumored that Slovenia’s […]

US Sends Secret Phoenix Ghost Drone as Part of New $800M Military Aid to Ukraine

President Biden has announced a new military aid package to Ukraine worth $800 million to provide the Ukrainian Armed Forces with more weapons. The new Russian offensive into Donbas requires that the Ukrainian forces be resupplied with proper munitions that would suit the environment in eastern Ukraine, which is why the US has sent the […]

Russia’s ‘Son of Satan’ Sarmat ICBM Test-fired, Putin Threatens the West Again

In an attempt to intimidate the West as the Russian offensive in Donbas continues, the Russian military announced that it successfully test-fired its new intercontinental ballistic missile, the Sarmat ICBM or the Satan II. According to Russian state news agency TASS, the first test of the Sarmat was carried out last Wednesday at the Plesetsk […]

Wilderness survival expert breaks down how to build a fire

Fire is life. It’s cooks our food, it keeps us warm, it drives away the darkness in which we sometimes find ourselves. There’s something incredibly calming, almost meditative, about sitting in front of a crackling blaze. We stare at it intently, slowly getting lost in the flames. Fire connects us, with each other, with ourselves, […]

SOFREP is back: You asked for it, now you’ve got it

That’s right – SOFREP is back. What began in 2012 as a small military blog quickly grew into a leading source for all-things related to Special Operations Forces (SOF), Foreign Policy, and Defense news. In 2018, our editorial team saw an opportunity to expand beyond our SOF focus, so the decision was made to broaden […]