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Walther P38: The Definitive WWII German Pistol

When discussing German military pistols many people first think of the iconic Luger P08. But I’d argue that the Walther P38 (P.38 in official jargon) should hold the reins. The Walther was truly a beast of burden. It remained the official German military pistol from the outset of World War II until 2004.    A […]

Walther P99 AS: The Original PPQ

The Walther P99 is a German original that is still running strong in the German police forces after 20 years. The pistol came into being in the early 1990s and still holds it’s own against other big manufacturers. The P99, in my opinion, is a supreme example of high-quality German production that will last for decades […]

Walther CCP: Seriously Underrated

The Walther CCP hit the market hard and with much anticipation from the shooting community. The marketing on the CCP was fantastic, and it drew interest from all over, even from people who were previously uninterested in Walther pistols. The CCP drew eyes with its “Softcoil” system, which is basically their own gas-delayed blowback design. […]

Walther’s Smallest 5″: PPQ .22LR

Many of us learned to shoot with rifles and pistols chambered in .22lr.  Personally I had nearly forgotten the caliber when ammunition got scarce and I sought bigger booms.  Ammunition has returned to shelves and one simple truth remains; .22lr is an excellent training caliber.  Walther Arms understand this and offers a 5″ PPQ in […]

Walther PPX: Police Pistol Xtreme

Let me introduce you to the Walther PPX 9mm. Today we have a market ruled by high-speed pistols that are slim, small, and have a huge capacity to size ratio. Every now and then we get a gun that is overbuilt for the necessary purposes it serves. This is not a crime, but instead is […]

First Look: New Walther CCP M2

When Walther released the original CCP it was met with much anticipation.  Straight blowback 9mm is too much to handle, but Walther’s piston system known as “softcoil” offered to reduce recoil below standard Browning systems.  The “softcoil” also applied to the recoil spring which didn’t need to be as heavy and so the gun is […]

Watch: Walther Q4 TAC First Look

It’s not secret that I’m a fan of Walther firearms.  Ever since I first picked up the P99AS I felt like Walther had somehow taken a mold of my hand.  The ergonomics are incredible.  Personally, I wish the paddle magazine releases would return, but I understand that Americans like buttons.  The PPS M2 is one […]

Walther PPX – Polymer Doublestack 9mm

The Walther PPX. It’s a hammer fired double stack pistol, chambered in 9mm and .40 S&W. The design closely resembles the PPQ released two years prior. The sizes of both pistols are similar in dimension (the Walther PPX measures 7.3in long, 5.6in tall, and 1.3in wide compared to the PPQ’s 7.1in long by 5.3in tall, […]

Walther PPQ SC Pistol: #GripandTrigger

Walther has long been known for quality handguns.  Just take a look at our library of Walther articles and it’s easy to verify.  #GripandTrigger has most recently been used as a tag line and for good reason.  Ergonomics that feel as if the gun was molded for your hand and an impeccable crisp trigger permit […]

Watch: A Closer Look at the Walther PPQ SC

Walther recently answered those looking for a sub-compact PPQ with the PPQ SC.  If you missed our original coverage of this gun see the tabletop review here.  The PPQ is an evolution of the P99 which proved unfortunately misunderstood by most of the American public.  An update to styling, American-friendly button magazine release, and simplified […]