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The Minimalist First Aid Kit / Blow Out Kit: The 3 Essentials

In light of unfortunate, tragic events of recent, I was reminded of the importance of the distribution and informed application of some simple life saving pieces of kit that we can all carry should we be confronted with a sudden traumatic situation. After 11 years as a tactical medic, attending multiple week long TCCC, TEMS […]

Dynamis Alliance Low Pro 1.5″ Minimalist Belt

Your belt is the foundation of everyday carry, especially if you are carrying concealed. The belt needs to be rigid enough to keep your gear where it needs to be without having to constantly adjust it, but not too rigid to where it’s uncomfortable to wear and difficult to run through your belt loops. Over […]

Gerber Barbill wallet: Minimalist yet functional

I’ve been carrying and using the new Gerber Barbill wallet for about a week now. I know that’s not a long time, but it’s been enough to give me a good feel for how the wallet is going to perform. I love my minimalist wallets and only carrying what I need. I’ve tried others in the past similar […]

Mission First Tactical Battlelink minimalist stock

Mission First Tactical (MFT) has the most photographed rifle stock to appear in gun rags this last year. And it’s easy to see why. The Battlelink Minimalist Stock is easy on the eyes. After spending some quality time at the local pewpewpew spot, I found that it’s not just the eyes it’s easy on. 5.8 ounces. […]

Leatherman Style PS | A Minimalist Multi-Tool

In my quest to find tools, knives and other gear that fit my minimalist lifestyle I’ve been through several products in order to find the right one. One of those items is the multi-tool. Both Gerber and Leatherman are the leading manufactures and I’ve carried multi-tools from both in the past. In the past, they have always […]

3 day minimalist travel packing list

I’m asked often about traveling since it’s part of the job. Here’s as minimalist as can be done in the summer months for a three-day turn and burn with weather always a concern. 1) Pack- Crye Precision EXP1500 (USA made) 2) Black T-shirts- various (USA made) 3 & 4) Gray EDC pants and tan Rapide […]

Minimalist Go-Bag for Preparedness and Adventure

I enjoy the preparedness lifestyle, but it can quickly turn into a hoarding lifestyle. I’ve had a go-bag for quite some time that just sat unused either in my office or in the back of my vehicle. Yes, I was prepared, but I never found myself using the stuff. In my mind, it was almost […]