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Quick Look: Nemo Veda 2P Trekking Pole Tent

If you have ever hiked, you probably know that packing yourself a good shelter comes at a price. You lose space and usually gain a good amount of weight, but your comfort increases a lot. Being protected from the elements when you’re still and can’t get warm by moving around is critical. Most companies have […]

Quick Look: Arc’teryx Beta AR Jacket

The streamlined Beta AR Jacket provides the backcountry minimalist with durable storm protection in a lightweight and packable format. This hip-length GORE-TEX Pro jacket reduces layering overlap and bulk, its helmet compatible DropHood offers quick storm protection, and the jacket’s reinforced shoulders and elbows can survive alpine abuse. Colors available: Anvil Grey, Black, Chipotle (Bright Orange), […]

MSR Pocket Rocket Reviewed

Imagine yourself in a fox hole, it’s been raining for a week and you are all wet. Because of the tactical situation, you need to keep the flames at a minimum. You are cold, miserable and most likely demotivated (true story here …). Then you see a buddy of yours jumping in your hole with […]

The REAPER 33 AR-15….Finally Here!

After a short wait, the Reaper 33 AR-15 is finally on the market.  With all of the testing that has been put into the rifle from SEAL’s, 1st SFOD, Rangers, Green Berets, JTAC’s, etc., I can honestly say that the AR holds up to its name.  Stay tuned for the Reaper 33’s first HALO jump […]

One of My Personal Favorites: The Blaser

In this day and age of the manufacturing herd putting every useless gadget and three miles of rail on a rifle that is hard to lug around a static range, let alone an actual OP….enter the minimalist and great rifle…the Blaser.  After all hunting, is hunting no matter what the game…. While I know that […]