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Marine Corps Vets weigh in on Top pieces of EDC gear

Everyone can agree that there are some pieces of EDC, survival, and travel gear that you can’t go without. For this article, I polled the writers of the Loadout Room and asked them to share with me in one or two paragraphs what their top three pieces of kit are. Much of it is due […]

Marine becomes chew toy for military working dog

Corporal Nick Coffman (USMC) keeping a military working dog’s skills sharp while near the Syrian border in Waleed, Iraq circa 2009. At the remote forward operating base, the Marine dog handler was appreciative of any person willing to put on the cumbersome bite suit under the hot Iraqi summer sun to keep his canine weapon in shape. […]

Small design, big performance: SureFire Sidekick LED Flashlight

Flashlights are a common every-day-carry item, but honestly, they’re left at home in a lot of cases to make way for other items. Having a light in certain situations can be critical to one’s safety and convenience. With the introduction of SureFire’s Sidekick LED flashlight, there is no excuse to be without a light anymore. […]

The Loadout Room weighs in on home defense firearms

Due to the experience, knowledge of the industry and skill level of the staff at the Loadout Room, we wanted to weigh in on home defense firearms. There are plenty of internet commandos that are quick to either recommend or shit talk certain firearms when it comes to defending your home, your castle. It’s time […]

Origin Watch Company merges modern watchmaking with historical field watch roots

Trench and field watches played a vitally important role beginning with the first and second World Wars. Pilots, infantry officers, artillerymen, and many other military service roles relied on accurate timepieces to help them coordinate precise attacks and maneuvers.  Considering the technological advances that we now have the luxury of, there is less of a […]

Olight PL-2 Valkyrie LED weapon light review

In the never-ending search for quality, performance and value in the market for every day carry, there is often little to separate certain products from one another.  For weapon lights, one of the best I have found is the Olight PL-2 Valkyrie.  It has those little qualities that make it stand out for me.  I’ve previously written […]

Copper is king for G2 Research ammunition

Special thanks to American Shooters Clarksville for making special range accommodations at their first-class facility.  And thanks to Clear Ballistics for providing a ballistics gel block for me to use. G2 Research is an American company that produces a range of ammunition for handguns, rifles and shotguns.  They precision machine each round using copper instead of lead.  Copper bullets generally hold their profile […]