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SWAT Officer reviews the ASP XT DF Flashlight

ASP has been stepping up their game to compete in the first responder flashlight world, and I must admit I’m not disappointed with some of their new products. The XT DT being one of them. The XT DF is a primary duty flashlight with a max output of 600 lumens and the ability to be […]

Gadsden Dynamics Wasp Chest Rig

Today I’m reviewing the Gadsden Dynamics Wasp Chest Rig. I’ve got the enhanced version with detachable hook and loop panel which allows me to add the TacProGear “Roo Pouch“. The panel has an elastic tourniquet holder sewn on that holds the CAT tourniquet well and I keep other medical supplies in the Roo pouch. I […]

ASP T60 Baton: Simple and Robust

The ASP T60 baton is the ultimate tactical duty item I have used on patrol. The ASP T60 Batonhas great durability and strength and when the baton is extended it is ideal for window breaks, jabs, and strikes. The ASP T60 can also be extended by pulling the tip with your hand, unlike the older models. The […]

ASP Scribe DF: A Dual Fuel Every Day Carry Light

ASP’s original Scribe AAA light has become a mainstay tool in the company’s international tactical training programs, thanks to its combination of high performance and pocketable form factor. The new DF variant of the Scribe pushes the output even further—to 350 lumens—while adding the benefit of Dual Fuel technology. It ships with a 10900 lithium-ion […]

The Collapsible ASP Baton

While many of us are aware of the ASP collapsible baton, many don’t think to purchase or carry one.  Some mistakenly believe they are only military and law enforcement purchasable. ASP is seen everywhere in security and law enforcement, and for good reason.  It is a reliable and effective weapon which can be employed for […]

ASP Tungsten DF Light: A Solid Back Up

“Uh-Oh, your lights have gone out”, says the instructor. While clearing an objective during SWAT training the instructor’s decided that my team’s weapon mounted lights had run out of battery. How convenient. I recently received the Tungsten DF Light and had it on my kit for such a “surprise”, so out it came. The emphasis […]