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Silent Legion Teams Up with Gander Outdoors

Gander Outdoors’ community of shooters and hunters will be able to choose from four of Silent Legion’s high performance suppressors – the Model SL-RF Rimfire, Model SL-5R Direct Thread 5.56 mm, Model SL-MC Complete Multi Caliber Kit, and the Model SL-30 Direct Thread .30 caliber. These suppressors cover the most popular calibers that shooters and hunters use that need noise and recoil reduction.

Telescopic Sights: Long Range and Precision

Telescopic sights, commonly referred to as “scopes,” use a system of lenses to magnify the appearance of a target from a distance. Not surprisingly, this magnification effect on the user’s field of vision is beneficial for styles of shooting that require precision from a distance. While distance shots, to some degree, are capable with mere […]

Aero Precision SALE: M5E1 15″ FDE Cerakote Builder Sets

This Weekends Aero Precision Special features the M5E1 15″ KeyMod or M-LOK FDE Cerakote Builder Sets. This package deal features the pieces you need to start building your own M5E1 (.308) Rifle, including an M5 Stripped Lower Receiver, M5E1 Upper Receiver and Enhanced Gen 2 Handguard of choice.

Springfield Armory XD-S .45 Packs a Punch! - TheArmsGuide.com

Springfield Armory XD-S .45 Packs a Punch!

Springfield Armory’s XD-S .45 is a bad ass carry gun in a sleek, small package. The XD-S packs 6 rounds of .45ACP into a 21.5 oz firearm. With dimensions smaller than the Kahr CW45, Glock 36, Kimber Ultra Carry 1911s, and Para Carry Safe 1911s, it is one of the most miniscule .45 on the […]

TOR TORCH: High-Powered, Miniature Rail-Mounted Light

Steiner Optics announces the new TOR Torch™, a high-powered, rail-mounted light designed specifically for pistols and small enough to fit inside the majority of all commercially produced holsters on the market.

Aero February Builder Sets M4E1 & M5E1: Defected Tungsten

Aero Precision’s February’s builder set features a Defected Tungsten Hydrodip pattern done by Commercial Hydrographics (CHG). Choose between M4E1 or M5E1 with your preference of Enhanced Handguards. The M4E1 sets feature the new M4E1 lower receiver.

Choice Ammunition Manufacturer Ammo Incorporated Chooses Chevalier Advertising

Premium ammunition manufacturer Ammo Incorporated has announced Chevalier Advertising & Public Relations as its official agency of record.  This partnership combines Ammo Incorporated’s high-impact spirit with Chevalier’s 60-plus years of experience in public relations, advertising and marketing within the shooting, hunting, and outdoors industries. In its new role as Ammo Incorporated’s agency of record, Chevalier […]

Weird Gun Wednesday: The HK P11

Weird Gun Wednesday: The H&K P11

In this week’s episode of WGW, we’ll be diving deep into the world of strange guns meant for undersea usage, exploring the wonder of the five-barreled, dart-projecting H&K P11. One part pepperbox revolver, one part submarine, this waterborne weapon is one of H&K’s most furtive, covert designs. Where you’ve seen it: Angelina Jolie sports one of […]

girl trying dress

Women’s Concealed Carry Fashion – Can You “Carry Cute?”

Ladies, do you want to concealed carry but don’t want to give up wearing the styles you love? You’re not alone. I can personally attest to the challenges of making feminine fashion coincide with CCW practicality. Over the past couple of years that I’ve been carrying, I’ve learned through a great deal of trial, error, and shopping around, a […]

New F40 Rifle, XP4 Pistol from Stoeger Airguns

Stoeger Airguns introduces a pair of airguns hat deliver performance and value for shooters of all levels. Whether they use airguns as an affordable option for keeping their shooting skills sharp or whether they enjoy the challenge and excitement of hunting small game, these airguns are long on features for an enjoyable day on the range or in the field.