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Automatic Magazine Loader!

As many of us know, loading magazines by hand can be quit boring, especially when you’re loading them one round at a time.  I recently came across this product and thought I’d share it.  The AML5.56 (Automatic Magazine Loader 5.56).  The patent is currently pending and I haven’t seen any price range on it, though […]

Improving your Pistol Skills!

After a three-day combat pistol course, a few of the students had questions regarding the exact “grip pressure” needed when griping their pistol.  In the military, we were taught the 60/40% rule of thumb.  60% of applied to the pistol with the main/strong hand, and 40% with the support hand.  I wanted to pass on […]

Is an Invisible Cloak (Stealth Technology) in our Future for Our Troops?

My first knowledge of this “invisible cloak” technology came to me around 6 months ago.  I was somewhat skeptical of the technology because it seemed to be something out of a science fiction movie, and after all who would or could believe it? A company, based in Canada, Hyper Stealth, has developed something that they […]

The REAPER 33 AR-15….Finally Here!

After a short wait, the Reaper 33 AR-15 is finally on the market.  With all of the testing that has been put into the rifle from SEAL’s, 1st SFOD, Rangers, Green Berets, JTAC’s, etc., I can honestly say that the AR holds up to its name.  Stay tuned for the Reaper 33’s first HALO jump […]

Gun Safety Reinforced!

***Be sure to watch the featured video before reading on.*** The more we are around weapons, we tend to somehow get a little too comfortable or lackadaisical.  I’ve seen it happen more often that not on the range when individuals start to get a little too comfortable and make minor stupid mistakes, like finger on […]

DARPA’s Super Soldier?

For many other soldiers, such as myself, carrying 100+ pounds of gear for many miles over rough terrain, jumping out planes, etc., it can take a huge toll on your body after doing it for years, often leading to permanent damage.  The Army has recently sought out to develop an under-suit that will lighten the […]

Beretta 1301 Competition!

I haven’t been known to be a huge fan of the Beretta, I’m more of a Benelli guy myself, but after looking at Beretta’s 1301 competition shotgun, I am truly impressed. Beretta’s 1301 Competition shotgun is a gas-operated, semi-automatic shotgun designed for 3-Gun and practical shooting, not the inertia driven systems that we are accustomed to […]

Shocking Facts About Gun Fights!

Be sure to watch the featured video before reading on. Closing the Distance The average, responsible, pistol shooter may find themselves at the range practicing their draw sequence, acquiring the sights, and shooting at a stagnant target, be it  steel or paper.  There is absolutely nothing wrong with this when practicing for repetition and muscle […]

The Rotating Picatinny Rail System!

I came across a very unique design on an M4 over a weekend combat carbine course, something that I had never seen before, a rotating picatinny rail system. Watching the student switch between accessories as fast as he was without breaking/disturbing his established shooting position was pretty interesting to see.  While shooting barricades, under vehicles, […]

Talon Horus Optics!

I am often asked, “What reticle do you use on your carbines?” and “What do you think about the Horus Optics/reticle?”. I came across the Talon Horus Optic this weekend and decided to give my views, along with my experience with the Horus reticle as a short/medium and long-range shooter. The Talon scope, and H50 […]