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DARPA’s Super Soldier?

For many other soldiers, such as myself, carrying 100+ pounds of gear for many miles over rough terrain, jumping out planes, etc., it can take a huge toll on your body after doing it for years, often leading to permanent damage.  The Army has recently sought out to develop an under-suit that will lighten the burden once and for all.

Army officials have talked with DARPA to research technology that can lessen the stress on a soldiers muscles, skeletal structure, and tendons when they’re carrying these heavy loads.  This September, multiple companies came together to discuss the following requirements:

  • Integrated advanced control systems across multiple joints
  • Materials, fabrics, structures, sensors, sensor interfaces and human factors associated with developing conforming, assistive wearable technologies
  • Technologies that significantly reduce the potential for acute or chronic injury of a wearer under typical war fighter mission profile situations
  • Technologies that increase physical capabilities and/or endurance of humans during activities such as running, lifting, climbing, carrying a load, marksmanship, etc.
  • Additional assistive wearable technologies for rehabilitation, physical therapy or those intended to help improve quality of life for the aging population.

I believe this could be a major breakthrough for our war fighters deploying overseas.  Let us know what you think!

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About Nick Irving

is a former U.S. Army Ranger with multiple combat deployments to both Iraq and Afghanistan. During his service within the 75th Ranger Regiment, Nicholas served as an Assaulter, Heavy and Light Machine Gunner, and Designated Marksman.