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DARPA GPS Guided Sniper Bullets?

There has been a new paradigm shift for ballistics in the precision rifle shooting community!  DARPA, the secretive government development and research agency, awarded Cubic Corporation a $6 million contract to develop what they call a “laser emitting targeting computer”. The intent is to deploy this new technology within the Special Operations Sniper community, then after they have their […]

Templar Tactical Firearms Suppressors!

I know we’ve done an article on the Templar Tactical Suppressors a few weeks ago, but I don’t think it was done enough justice.  The featured video perfectly describes the effectiveness of the Templar Tactical and how it works from the CEO himself during an interview during the Bushnell Brawl which I attended in earlier […]

OBR (Optimized Battle Rifle)!

In the precision rifle community, there are a ton of platforms that one can choose to run, whether you are a competition precision shooter, or a tactical precision shooter/sniper.  Operating as a sniper with the 75th Ranger Regiment, my platform of choice was the SR-25 MK 11 MOD 0.  It easily held a 1 MOA […]

A Warrior's Mindset!

A Warrior’s Mindset!

Many of us find ourselves on the range going over shooting drills, or in our living rooms conducting dry fires, week after week, knowing or thinking we will be able to use what we’ve been training for if the time presents itself. Joining the military and deploying at the age of 18 to Iraq in […]

Awesome M4/Carbine Sling!

While attending the National Guard 2013 sniper competition this weekend and meeting up with some friends, I met up with Tony Burkes, the CEO of TAB Gear.  I’ve known Tony for some time know and have always loved the products he brings to the precision rifle community. I knew Tony had been in the works […]

Vegging Your Ghillie Suit…The Right Way!

After yesterday’s post regarding the construction of a Ghillie suit, I think it’s time to move onto the most vital step when using a Ghillie suit, vegging. Without vegging your Ghillie suit, you’ll simply be just a pile of burlap in the field, and to a trained eye, it’s extremely easy to spot.  One of […]

Ammo Shortage 2013…What To Do?

I’m sure all of us notice the ammo shortages when we visit our outdoor sports stores, Wal-Mart, etc., but just why is there such an ammo shortage and how can you stock up and purchase the ammo when you need it. Common calibers routinely sell out within minutes of appearing on store shelves and prices […]

Ghillie Suit Construction…The Right Way!

While attending a few sniper courses before a deployment to Afghanistan, we were told that the era of the ghillie suit had faded.  Although we practiced traditional stalks and ghillie suit construction, most of us knew/thought that we would have no need for them while deployed, especially us being more of a direct action sniper. […]

Templar Tactical Suppressors!

Yesterday while performing some test with the Reaper 33 AR, Templar Tactical decided to bring out an array of their suppressors.  I’m a big fan of good quality suppressors and relied on them while deployed.  Here is a little info on the Templar Tactical’s.  Stay tuned for high quality footage and demo’s of the suppressors. […]

The “Reaper 33” AR-15!

After talking with the guys over at Arsenal Democracy, we decided to build an AR-15 upper named “Reaper 33”!  Something that I take great pride in, is the fact that the “Reaper 33″ is not only made from high quality material, but it is manufactured here in the US by former and active duty Special […]