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AlumaGrip Beretta 92 Checkered Grips: Good Looks Meet Improved Function

AlumaGrip Beretta 92 Checkered Grips: Good Looks Meet Improved Function

At AlumaGrips, they start with T-6 aircraft aluminum and use precision CNC machining to assure precise fit and finish. Alumagrips are designed to fit the whole spectrum of handguns. They cover the Beretta 92, the entire range 1911s, Rugers, Sigs and even the AR-15 . They offer the strength and durability of an aluminum grip […]

GrovTec | American Made Quality

GrovTec | American Made Quality

Apple pie, baseball, and a love for guns are about as American as it gets.¬† We’re all here because we love our guns and our country.¬† Why not outfit our guns with American-made parts?¬† GrovTec was born when another company moved production overseas. Bob Grover had begun on that company’s machine floor and had advanced […]

Wilder Tactical Magazine Pouches: Stackable, Scaleable, Adjustable

Wilder Tactical Pouches and Gear: Stackable, Scaleable, Superior

Wilder Tactical began when an Army Ranger medic modified his issued gear to work for him in the field. The result? Wilder Tactical pouches designed for comfort and efficiency to meet the demands of real world environments. They are universally compatible within the platform and are stack able. They are adjustable for a wide range […]

SIG’s P320-M17: The Modular Handgun System for the Rest of Us

SIG SAUER has been teasing a civilian version of the U.S. Army‚Äôs M17 official service pistol for awhile now. The Army’s M-17 is a P320-based platform, selected for its uniquely innovative modularity, uncompromising performance and unmatched capability. Understandably, while the losers of the¬†Modular Handgun System (MHS) competition have been selling the flat dark earth pistols […]

Patriot Stencils: Mark Your Targets for Better Training

Patriot Stencils: Mark Your Targets for Better Training

For training and competition, you need threat and non-threat targets. In the past we have made copies, painted graffiti and home made cardboard cutout stencils to paint the same boring old cutout hands on targets.¬† Patriot Stencils are laser cut, solvent proof Mylar to produce quality high images when painted. Because the material is so […]

Best 9mm AR Build Ever: New Frontier Armory's C-5 AR Lower Uses MP5 Magazines

Best 9mm AR Build Ever: New Frontier Armory’s C-5 AR Uses MP5 Magazines

New Frontier Armory’s (NFA) C-5 ARs are not just another Colt clone. These guns run MP5 magazines. The big advantage to this is that the MP5 magazines are a true double stack magazine, feeding from both sides. This makes them run great in AR carbines and rifles. I have been working with Pistol Caliber Carbines […]

New Frontier Armory 9mm AR Pistol Build: A Hand Full of Heaven

New Frontier Armory’s C-9 Billet Lower Receiver is the best way to start a custom 9mm AR build. You can save money and build your very own 9mm AR rifle exactly the way you want it configured and shoot for less! The C-9 uses Glock magazines and will accept any 9mm, .40 S&W or .357 […]

U.S. Army Mandates New Procedures for M-4A1 Carbines

U.S. Army Mandates New Procedures for M-4A1 Carbines

The Army is investigating the unintentional firing of an M4A1 carbine in a Soldier made video. To produce this malfunction, the selector switch must be placed between the Semi position and the Auto position, the trigger pulled and then the selector rotated into the Auto position. While this seems serious, it is not a manipulation […]

Nikon SPUR: Tough Tactical Trucolor Reflex Sight

Nikon has done it again with a quality optic at an affordable price. I suppose making your own glass helps keep cost down.¬† That is what Nikon has done so with their new P TACTICAL SPUR. The SPUR has already been proven in the field and has had great success. A small, light-weight, rugged and […]

The Ideal cartridge for personal defense? It May Be The .40 S&W

.40 S&W: Ideal Cartridge for Self Defense?

The .40 S&W has been called “the Ideal cartridge for personal defense”. Does it live up to that title? There have been a lot of folks through the years who thought so and new ammo lines like the SIG V-Crown have pushed the .40’s performance to new levels. Specifically developed to duplicate performance of the […]