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China Developing ‘Brain Control Weapons’ For Future Wars

It sounds like something that came out of a sci-fi movie, but Brain control weapons are slowly coming to life through Chinese research and the development of biotechnology that can disorient enemies and make them easier to subdue. These types of weapons can potentially change the way we traditionally think about warfare in the future, […]

Meet Israel’s Reliable Air Defense System, The Iron Dome

If you’ve lived in Israel for some time now or follow the videos coming out of Israel’s military that circulate online, you’d be no stranger to those bright lights that illuminate the sky like Chinese sky lanterns. Yup, they’re pretty to look at, alright, but those aren’t lanterns. They’re Israel’s, Iron Dome. No, they’re not […]

The MOAB: The Mother Of All Bombs Comes With The Mother Of All Price Tags Too

If you were asked what the largest and most powerful bomb there was in history, you’d probably think of the Little Boy atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima by the Boeing B-29 Superfortress Enola Gay or the Tsar Bomba, which was developed by the Soviet Union in 1961, over 2,000 times as powerful as those dropped […]

College Kid Designs An Atomic Bomb In Dorm Room

The good old college days. When you look back at your own college life as a teen, you were either the kid who loved studying, getting all those A’s, or that party jock varsity kid enjoying all the free-flowing booze. There’s a lot of in-betweens to those categories—the Invisibles, those music-loving band kids, those who […]

Russian Weapons Of War: Skyfall, Checkmate, and Orion

With tensions mounting along the Ukrainian-Russian border for the past few months, it’s important to know what Russian weapons there are to keep us all informed. The Russians sure have been busy developing what they believe will be decisive weapons in any conflict with the West.  We know there are 100,000 plus Russian troops along […]

C4 Explosive: Real Life vs Video Games

Yes, the good old C4 explosive. If you were not in the military, you probably heard of C4(Composition Four) from action movies or video games. C4 is the go-to explosive for the military, combining stability in storage and handling with lightweight and high explosive yield. Let me take a guess. You know C-4 from one […]

Five Improvised Weapons Made Throughout History

Necessity is the mother of all invention, so is the desperation to live. So, if you found yourself in the middle of a battle without your beloved M4 or an Abrams Tank, then you gotta improvise, adapt, overcome. With that, here are some improvised weapons used throughout history (and even now). Molotov Cocktail Perhaps the […]

Kali: Filipino Martial Art That Influenced US and Russian Combat Techniques

The Philippines is known for its beautiful white beaches, warm, friendly smiles, and scrumptious dishes. With its 7,100 islands, yummy halo-halo during the summer, and hospitable community, not everyone knows that they are also experts in knife-wielding martial arts that roots back before the Spanish Era in the 15th century. Kali, eskrima, arnis; whatever you […]

Strange and Interesting Weapons During The Cold War

There wasn’t a World War III (thankfully), but after the Second World War, there was a period called the Cold War. It was the tension between the United States and the Soviet Union and their respective allies. The term was used because there was no large-scale fighting, and no one declared war against the other. […]