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Firearms Accessories

The Legend of the 100-Round Drum – A Blunder or a Well of Ammo?

Magazine capacity has always been one of those things where a balance must be struck. In the military-rifle category, we’ve constantly seen an increase in the rounds carried. In WWI, it was five rounds, and in World War II, it was eight rounds. Vietnam saw the rise of the 20-rounder, and eventually, with the adoption […]

The Beretta M9A3 – A Show Stopping Fighting Pistol?

The Modular Handgun System (MHS) competition began way back in 2015, but it feels like it was last week. The Beretta M9 served for over 30 years as America’s sidearm, but many of the guns were ending their service life. As such, the military could order more M9s, or it could begin looking at a […]

The Maxim Defense CQB Stock: Short and Sweet

The Maxim Defense CQB Stock is a strong, comfortable, durable and compact stock that is made for real-world use.  The Maxim CQB Stock weighs in at just 18.59 oz and has a housing made of 7075 Aluminum Alloy where they’ve smartly placed QD mounts.  When closed, the stock measures just 5.375″ and extends out to […]

How a Navy SEAL Sets Up his War Belt/Duty Belt: Tactical Rifleman Video

How a Navy SEAL Sets Up his War Belt/Duty Belt: Tactical Rifleman Video

This week on Tactical Rifleman, I review the basic setup and components of one configuration of my war belt I utilized in the SEAL Teams. Much like the body armor setup video, the war belt is also not a one-size fits all setup. Team guys set up their kit in a manner that both fits […]

Barska Portable Biometric Lock Box

Barska Portable Biometric Lock Box

Being “Armed” is like having an affliction. You can’t drink when you’re carrying a gun, traveling with it is difficult and wearing speedos at the local pool impossible, or at least downright uncomfortable. Uncle Ben said it best, “With great power comes great responsibility” and if you’re going to own a gun you better be responsible for […]

Adaptive Tactical’s EX Performance Adjustable Stocks – Not Just for AR’s

The EX Performance Stock is a Perfect Pairing on the VR80 I love my VR80 shotgun but I didn’t love the OEM stock and handle.  Adaptive Tactical provided me a solution that was more than just aesthetics. EX Performance Adjustable Stock The EX Performance Adjustable Stock from Adaptive Tactical comes with a non-slip vented rubber […]

Spend More Time Shooting and Less Time Loading with MagPump Pro

The easiest way to load magazines New to the lineup of products from MagPump is the MagPump Pro Series.  The MagPump pro is capable of handling large capacity, high-frequency magazine loading for 9mm and AR-15 magazines. The two new magazine loaders are a hybrid of the already trusted and loved MagPump models.  The Pro offers […]

The Carbon Carry Belt – From Propper

While I mostly covered guns at SHOT 2019 I also went to see some of my favorite companies in the tactical gear sector. One being Propper. I love Propper gear and since 2014 they have been my issue work pants as well. One of the coolest new pieces of gear was the carbon carry belt. […]

Add a quad rail to your shotgun with the Black Aces Tactical Quad Rail

While shooting my shotgun one day I thought “man, it would be nice if this thing had a rail on it. And if there isn’t a company already making one, I’m going to start one.” A quick google search killed my second idea, as I found there was indeed a company already making rails for […]

StripLULA AR Magazine Loader: Spend More Time Shooting, Less Time Loading

StripLULA AR Magazine Loader: Spend More Time Shooting, Less Time Loading

The StripLULA is a 10 round 5.56/.223 magazine loader.  It weigh’s in at a mere 1.5 oz, has a universal fit, and is military grade. The StripLULA is small (pocket-sized) and lightweight.  It is tough and durable; made of glass-filled, UV protected, high-strength polymer. Maglula Ltd is an Israeli company owned and operated by Ran […]