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Gear Snapshot & Comments From Combat Tactics Magazine

I’m always searching the gun porn mags, Recoil is one of the only quality pubs on the market IMO. Most these magazines are obnoxious but provide good lessons at what not to do. Here’s my comments on the GEARHEAD segment of Combat Tactics Magazine (Have the Editors seen much combat? Not likely) Enjoy and feel […]

Military hunting smartphone safety to hold off enemy bugs, spooks

I’m looking forward to the day when soldiers can simply carry one smart phone instead of having a separate f**king PDA for every damned device.  Right now we lug around a kit bag full of PDA’s for GPS, Bio-Metrics, Mortar Ballistics, Sniper Ballistics, and more. -Jack Ah, smartphones — the delightful little slates carry our […]

Fully Automated Sensor and Surveillance Nets in Afghanistan

I first became aware of this type of technology during my first deployment to Afghanistan. Some of the stuff that the technicians had in their inventory was truly impressive but what Wired is reporting simply takes this technology to the next level. Previously, sensors had to be manually installed (for the most part) and retrieved […]

Octopus blending

Camouflage at its absolute best

This is the holy grail of camouflage for the fighting folk.  Despite all of our technology, we are still playing catch-up to nature but we are learning and strides are being made.  Nature has had a lot more time to tweak and test it’s creations, and the price to pay for failing was literally life.  […]

The Mini Claymore Mine

The Mini Claymore Mine

From an American Vietnam veteran and buddy of mine, the Mini Claymore mine.  These are some pictures he took from his service in Rhodesia.  He tells me that rather than metal ball bearings, that the Mini Claymore has cube shaped shrapnel that does not project as far, but causes more damage to human tissue.  

Palestinian Fighters with Grenade

Offensive Hand Grenades

In the military it seems we can be restricted or limited in offensive grenades training and employment.  When I say ‘offensive’ use, I’m talking about both fragment and concussion types and usage by both friendly and enemy sides.  I think our own training needs to include more than just the ‘Pull the pin, Throw at […]

ENIGMA "AOW" Briefcase Gun

ENIGMA “AOW” Briefcase Gun

Personally, I’m not a fan of this type of system (HK has one also). I prefer (as Clinton does) more creative ways to handle threats.  Regardless, I wanted to share this with you guys and let YOU weigh in on the ENIGMA. The pictured case is badass looking, I’ll admit, just a little too James […]