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Wave Jets – Spec Op Surfboards

I love being in the water – it’s not just therapeutic for me – it’s a necessity.  Skin diving, paddle boarding, surfing, boogie boarding, scuba diving, you name it, I love it. Living in Southern California I get to experience these things on a weekly if not daily basis and it’s become a part of […]

Grog Knots – App

I’ve tied a lot of knots in my life I hate to admit it, but I’ve “knot” kept up with all of the knots I’ve learned over my lifetime. Too often, since my forgetting of said knots, I’ve found myself in a situation where I needed one, but did “knot” have one. (okay, no more […]

The Last Season Book Review

“The least I owe these mountains is a body.”—Randy Morgenson When I read for fun there are two things I look for from the book. The first things is that I want it to put me to sleep. I don’t mean the boring kind of sleep, but the kind of sleep that only a good […]

Ear Hero

If we were to look at what defeats most people in life we would see that it’s their inability to manage their own moods. Feeling like doing what needs to get done next can be next to impossible for most of us. For this reason I use music for everything that I do. Writing, running, […]

OtterBox iPad Latch

In an asymmetrical environment, battlefield or boardroom, information is power. Our survival depends on our ability to retain it, evolve it, distribute and teach it. For these reasons I’m a bit over the top when it comes to leveraging technology in ways that allow me to remain on the pointy end of the the knowledge spear. If I were going to […]

Passwords are Friggen Driving Me Nuts

These friggen guys are killing me! You can’t use the same password for multiple sites Your passwords need to be long They must include numbers, capitals and symbols Don’t use any words Did I say you can’t use the same password for multiple sites? For many of us our passwords were sacred to us. Cute […]

Recon Jet Pilots – HUD

Whether it’s time to create a “Superhuman” category here in The Load Out Room, or we chose to just pay close attention, technology like this can’t be ignored. Thanks to a massive market of technology hungry, action sports, early adopters companies remain able to lean way forward and deliver “scifi-esque ” solutions at low costs.  The […]

Their Reign of Terror Is Over!

Too many times I’ve had what was going to be a nice meal ruined by 2 or 3 flies that just wouldn’t go away. Traditional flyswatters aren’t always effective when dealing with crafty flies that only land on your food. Never again will any of us have to sit through a BBQ anxiously waving our […]

Useable Waterproof iPhone Case: Yes It Does Exist

My friend and former SEAL teammate, Eric, turned me onto to the LIFEPROOF  iPhone case.  Eric said, “this case lets me take my iPhone surfing with the kids”, and I just shot him a sideways look and said, “Seriously?”. He ended up offering up his phone to me poolside (at his house) but, like most […]