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Tactipup Extreme Collar and Leash: Tactical dog gear, Perfected

On a nice sunny day, I decided to take Loki (my Wirehair Pointing Griffon) for a trip to the beach. The family and I decided on the Sequalitchew (try to say it out loud) Creek Trail. The trailhead starts at the Depont city hall (WA) and descends towards the ocean for about 1.5 miles (3-mile […]

Ruffwear Launches All New Performance Dog Gear for Fall/Winter 2018

Ruffwear Launches All New Performance Dog Gear for Fall/Winter 2018

[BEND, OR, Aug 3, 2018]— Ruffwear’s Fall/Winter 2018 product line launched August 1st with gear designed to enhance and inspire exploration for outdoor adventurers and their human companions.  Dogs are our adventure partners. We share experiences together on the trail, on the water, in the snow, and sometimes, in nature’s wildest elements. This season’s gear is inspired by […]

Dealing With Attack Dogs

Dealing With Attack Dogs: Techniques and Options

The use of dogs to protect home and hearth goes back far into prehistory. In the unpleasantness since 9/11, special operations forces are fielding dogs in a number of innovative and sometimes classified ways. It is not surprising that bad guys are using large dogs to protect their drugs, their cribs and their deals. Pitbulls have become a […]

Are you prepared to save your dog?

Are You Prepared to Save Your Dog?

Many travel extensively with their dog, but only have a fully stocked medical kit for themselves. Do you know what they need or how to treat an injured dog?

Ruffwear Highlands Sleeping Bag

Ruffwear’s Highlands Sleeping Bag

As a dog owner I try to take Loki (meet him here) on all my outdoor activities. Eventually I hope to use him as a bird dog (maybe even this year). However, for now I am just happy to give him as much exposure to as many outdoor activities as possible. Awhile ago I wrote […]

Can Your Dog be Seen?

Can Your Dog be Seen?

Depending on what your outdoor activity is, being seen is extremely important. Typically when you are hunting with a modern firearm your State will have specific rules with regards to the type of clothing, and even how many square inches that clothing must be worn.  For example, here in Washington the regulations state, “Under the […]

More Than a Pet: Zoe's Got Your Six

More Than a Pet: Zoe’s Got Your Six

Dogs can be more than just pets or companions. Sometimes they’ve got your six and can help certain individuals work through worries, anxiety, and PTSD.

How To Condition Your Dog (Part II)

How To Condition Your Dog (Part II)

Conditioning your dog to a leash, camping, exposure to other dogs, and retrieving, can all be difficult and frustrating. Follow our tips for start in the right direction.