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The Iconic M-16 Rifle Was Originally Called “A Piece Of Garbage” By The Troops

Made from steel, aluminum, and composite plastics, designed to provide the troops with a lighter rifle, produce a greater fire volume while being accurate at short distances— the M16 rifle. The Vietnam war soldiers’ verdict: it was a piece of trash. Entrance to the Military Scene In 1964, the M16 was introduced to the US […]

SHOT Show 2022-Bigger Show, Smaller Crowds, More Lead Joy For The Masses.

No one is at NSSF’s SHOT Show 2022. At least that’s what popular posts on social media and others would have you believe. Yes, there were quite a few large and small names MIA. Their booths were absent of much more than a few tables and chairs, and a sign dispersed here and there with […]

The Puckle Gun: For Shooting Square Bullets Into Non-Christians?

We know that most bullets are round or spherical, and they are designed so for a reason— they are one of the most efficient shapes that allow the use of heavier bullets without taking up a lot of space in the weapon. In 1718, one person thought out of the box and decided to invent […]

M-72 Light Anti-tank Weapon Was A Blast To Fire

Believe me when I say you’ve seen an M72, and you’re not even aware of it. I’m talking about all the war-themed films you’ve seen, or if you’ve been part of the service, you’d know I’m talking about the shoulder-fired, man-portable, light mini-rocket-looking weapon. Let’s take a moment to admire this cool weapon from the […]

Smith And Wesson: 150 Years As America’s Most Iconic Gun Maker

Smith & Wesson Came Of Age During Revolutionary Changes in Markets And Industry. There are many American-made products that have become household names. From Coke to Levi’s, these brands have been around for decades and have an impact on our culture. One of the most iconic firearms manufacturers is Smith and Wesson. This company has […]