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Camping Gear

Vanquest Markhor 45 Backpack, Tough Built Gear

Vanquest Markhor 45 Backpack, Tough Built Gear

Quality, Tough, a Lesson in Craftsmanship You deserve the most durable and functional backpack for your next journey. Vanquest is the company you should choose to supply that backpack, IFAK, day-pack, messenger bag, organizer, or whatever bag you can dream up.  They are tough, durable, quality, and a lesson in craftsmanship. This particular bag, the […]

Hard Korr

Hard Korr Lighting | Powerful LED Lights from down under

When we’re Overland camping, the days don’t end just because the sun sets. In fact, some of the best times occur when only the stars and moon are out. Whether it’s accessing a remote location after sunset or drinking with friends around a fire, having the best lighting is a key component. Since 2008, Australia […]

Sunset Chair

Sunset Chair by Helinox | best lightweight camp chair option

At the end of the warmer season, I finally have time to post my camping gear reviews. Unlike some other sites, we actually field test the gear for a length of time to get the complete picture. Does it stand up through repeated use? Is “product x” the best design it could be? Is it […]


Bripe | A unique way to get your caffeine fix

Flashback to Outdoor Retailer Summer Market 2017. Two guys from the Loadout Room walk into a massive convention center in Salt Lake City for the first time. Once we pick up our credentials, Scott and I shuffle into the overwhelming mass of vendors, manufacturers, buyers and the like. One of our first memorable experiences is […]

Meal Kit Supply | Evolution of a Meal

Meal Kit Supply | Evolution of a Meal

Plenty of you reading this have served in the US Armed Forces and are all too familiar with the old MRE’s (meal, ready to eat).  Plenty more have run into them during disaster operations or when someone pulls one out of a bag when out camping.  The content of these sealed pouches has changed quite a bit […]

Stargaze Recliner

Stargaze Recliner Luxury Chair | from Nemo Equipment

The Stargaze Recliner is a chair I originally covered at Outdoor Retailer Summer Market. It took a while to get a media sample but it finally happened. This past summer, our family packed up the trusty Tundra and explored our state of Michigan. When space isn’t a big issue, we like to pack a few […]

Olight H16 Wave I The best headlamp on the market

Olight H16 Wave (WAS) The best headlamp on the market – Updated

Update: Approximately four weeks after publication of this article, the H16 Wave started to malfunction and became inoperable. I reached out to Olight to discuss the issues and they told me that they had not seen this type of issue before. Olight requested I return the light so they could look at the issue – […]

Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket

Rumpl Down Puffy Blanket

“Since the dawn of humankind, blankets have been the most basic tool for comfort and security. Seriously, even before fire. Why then, over centuries of textile innovation, have relatively few updates been made to one of the most essential things on Earth? Rumpl aims to change that”. ~gorumpl.com ~Necessity is the mother of invention. After […]

UCO Portable FirePit | Call for fire

UCO Portable FirePit | Call for fire

UCO (utility, comfort, originality) has been innovating the outdoor market since 1971.  The Seattle, WA area manufacturer sent their Original Candle Lantern in for review a while ago, so I have a passing familiarity with the brand.  Now they’ve asked us at the Loadout Room to check out their Portable Firepit. A small metal dish with scalloped edges that collapses […]

Hondo Base Camp Chair

Yeti Hondo Base Camp Chair | The mother of all camp chairs

I don’t know about you, but I’ve gone through several variations of camp chairs over the years. From those $10 specials at the drug store to “high end” versions from the local sporting goods store. Like everything built in this disposable world we, unfortunately, live in, they came and went with the wind. Busted hinges […]