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Camping Gear

Feathered Friends Swift UL 20 sleeping bag

Feathered Friends Swift UL 20 sleeping bag

If you have never heard of the brand, Feathered Friends is a small business based out of Seattle, Washington.  While a small business indeed, it is one that receives extraordinary praise from the backpacking and mountaineering communities.  As the name suggests, their manufacturing specialties are down products. Down is the soft insulating layer underneath the feathers of ducks […]

The 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 backpack

The 5.11 Tactical Rush 24 backpack

5.11 Tactical is one of the leading and most recognizable manufacturers of tactical gear. One of their fan favorites is their Rush series of backpacks. 5.11 currently offers their Rush backpacks in three different sizes: Rush 12, Rush 24, and Rush 72. While I don’t have any hands-on experience with the 12 or 72, I have owned […]


The Pack-Saw from Outdoor Edge: A portable bow saw for the outdoorsman

Outdoor Edge is a very clever company. in the year of our Lord 2018, it has to be hard is it to bring something new to the industry regarding saws, knives, and outdoor tools? What hasn’t been done? Well, Outdoor Edge seems to find new and innovative ways to bring new tools to life. The Outdoor […]

Ground Cover

Rumpl’s Insulated waterproof Ground Cover

Rumpl makes some of the warmest, coziest blankets around. For a couple of years now, our family has become a total convert. From the original puffy blanket to the Sherpa, Beach Shammy Towels and now the Ground Cover. Often times while at a concert, picnic, camping or just a day at the beach, we find […]

Optimus Nova: Affordable Expedition Grade Multi-Fuel Stove

Optimus Nova: Affordable Expedition Grade Multi-Fuel Stove

The Optimus Nova is a compact expedition grade stove that weighs 15 ounces and packs smaller than a fuel bottle. It is loaded with advanced features flip-stop switch, self-purging aluminum fuel pump and a quick priming burner but the big news here is that it is multi-fuel, It can run on white gas, Optimus arctic […]

Slumberjack's Roadhouse Tarp: Shade and Shelter for Vehicular Adventure

Slumberjack’s Roadhouse Tarp: Shade and Shelter for Overlanding

The Roadhouse Tarp is a simple shelter optimized for hunting, camping or off-road vehicle adventure. Easy to set up and tear down, it is lightweight and compact allowing nearly infinite configurations from almost anywhere, on or off of your rig. The Roadhouse is made of durable 68D Polyester and has a 1200mm coating. The vehicle […]

Yeti Haul

Yeti Haul | The iconic Tundra finally has wheels!

The Yeti Tundra has been an icon in the outdoor market for a decade now. With its “ice for days” capability, it has become an essential item on our Overland adventures. Easily maintaining the initial 20-pound ice load for 4+ days, we have utilized these coolers all over the place. The Yeti Tundras do a […]

Overland Expo East

Overland Expo East | Part 2: Mudfest 2018

A journey that began in Northern Michigan (Part 1) just as snow started to blanket our home. Ended 850 miles away at Reeb Ranch among the Smokey Mountains of North Carolina. The next couple of days were spent in our Tepui rooftop tent while we navigated Overland Expo East. This annual culmination of displays, vehicles and people […]

Thermarest Saros Sleeping Bag

Thermarest Saros Sleeping Bag

The Thermarest Saros is one of Thermarest’s newer model sleeping bags. Built to sustain someone down to temperatures of 20 degrees, it is a good all season bag, with the quality Thermarest has always been known for. It has some awesome features, and all of that combined with Thermarest’s state of the art eraLoft synthetic […]